Isamu Uchiha(Nier) Edit

Isamu Uchiha

Frustrating. A crawling, an ache… No. An itch. Something within the depth of her hollow shell felt this craving, this impulse that led to her restlessness. After a casual session involving communication skills, she was set free from her daily session, however, something the adult had said to her caused her blood to spike like a knife. Digging those delicate fingers of each hand against the opposing upper arms—She paced the street. This irritation summoned forth caused a crack at the seams, so, she smiled harder, brighter and blocked out the temptation to scream… To cry? Was it the graduation? Or was it because she felt like… She wasn’t as significant as other students?

She perished these thoughts, she was just a little stressed—So… She went for a brisk walk to a nearby shop within the heat haze caused by the sphere within the sky. It helped ease her little childish mind, helped her remember that… Despite how views of herself, she will be something… She’ll make her dint in the world.. Somehow and she shouldn’t worry over the trivial stuff. Even as the daughter of Hibiki, most people greed her with sweet words and great expectations…Despite this, these didn’t matter…? Right..?

As she motioned forth within the line she held herself too. Her doubting mind had been shut down, as she was greeted as [i]Little chichi[/i], some cutesy name formed from Uchiha—Ordering herself a few steamed meat buns, fresh and wonderful in smell. She bowed and proceeded own her path.

She did her normal observing of others, something she got from her father as well, safety was important and also knowing the family, which is their village. Few seemed to be speaking on the good times, others were attempting to strike a deal, somewhere strolling with their lovers and there was one that interest her the most, a shady person held with an interesting persona, feeling, this someone who engage with conversation with another person.

After this discovery, she found it better to traveling side streets back home, the less crowd and safer path.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka and Kotashi (Sokekujo) Edit

“FUCK! WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!” a voice yelled as he ran frantically through the village he was searching for his companion, someone who literally resembled half of his soul. The boy consisted of dark brown eyes. His attire being a jacket which he left open for now, underneath that jacket was a regular black shirt that was followed up by black shinobi pants and black shinobi sandals. His hair was somewhat spiky as it possessed a muddy like color to it. It was obviously tied up by a white headband to keep any strands from falling over his face, after all his hair was much longer then it seemed. Many civilians would hear this figure running through the crowd and easily separated to avoid being pushed to the side. This boy was known as Yaban’na chi Inuzuka. But he personally preferred Yaban. His smell picked up on some good smelling BBQ as he stopped. His mouth watering as he thought to himself for a split second “food would be amazing right now.”  His stomach growled in addition as he sighed knowing he was broke at this particular moment. That being said Yaban continued his Journey to find his partner. His dog was a puny Husky/wolf with what seemed like dark blue and white fur. His eyes were a deep blue as well as his name was Kotashi. Kotashi would be by the market hanging around scurrying for food as he was hungry at this particular moment. Especially with all the great smell my food which would be thrown out? What was Kotashi thinking this was be heaven. As he scurried around Yaban was frantically lookIng ago I d for him around the village away from.the market ad they split up in the stupidest way possible. But Yaban was confident he would eventually find him, it was only a matter time. Yaban continued searching his voice calling out to Kotashi as he was extremely worried for his companion. Just where exactly could he be?

Isamu Uchiha(Nier) Edit

Wandering by himself, the smells were surely tempting for the poor puppy and as such, he happened to be sniffling at the wrong food shop. Hidden behind his doors, by simply looking out his window he caught this view. Noticing a strange creature, a pest he liked to call them as they made messes and scared off pockets. He grabbed a broom. He was not having this. Now. As he readied his arms against his creature. The box shaped container held covered by a cherry cloth was held within her arms as she found herself within the side path, hopefully, her father wouldn’t mind having these to eat—She felt a little bummed out. Possibly, this is why she took the lengthy path home, it normally helped her feel a little better, the walk with the beautiful weather and the lovely sun?

An atmosphere such as this helped activate the tranquility within her—Raging like a river called her emotions. The sea it trailed to was her collected words and the hues that scanned around, found a sight as she was trapped within her own mind. Ceasing within her steps, her fingers of each hand held themselves gripping the bow that tied the container and with that, her hues captured the sight of a familiar pup… “Say… Is that… Dingo boy’s puppy?” She questioned, as such, she stepped off to store it was nearby and as she went to move a step forward. She caught the aggressive tone of a man.

Parting the curtain, a man held to a shop uniform with broom in hand motioned to the dog lingering infront of his store. “Begone!” A voice held husky yelled out—Crimson hues belong to a man in his mid-40s. If Kotashi had turned to look to the man behind him, he would’ve realized he was going to be smacked by a broom and that his senses, hearing was blocked by the business in the street, the shadow of a swiftness is what gave it away… A bit too late… However, the moment the broom swung within two inch of the puppy. Another shadow was added, this one consumed Kotashi and he if looked up, there was a right hand extended—Ebony strings held to two ponytail draping to her shoulders.

The sound of impact danced and, the dog was not the one hit. “W-What..” The familiar voice of a student held into his human’s class spoke out—Panting, a small drip of sweat: cold sweat with her exhaling sharp breath. “What are you doing.. To Kotashi..?” She asked with her soft and gentle tone. Those black sparkling hues shifting to look at the mixed breed puppy in front of her feet with a small smile. Attempting to express she wasn’t going to harm him, the moment she interjected, the shop owner released the broom that Isamu took. He expressed shock, a fear actually as he bowed his head with a low expression of regret. “I-I am so sorr--” He tried to speak, but Isamu cut him off.
Stepping back with broom tossed back to the owner, attempting to give Kotashi space. “Don’t apologize to me.” Isamu paid the man not a glaze, as she spoke to him. Taking a knee, she extended her right hand to Kotashi with a lovely smell held to juicy and freshly cooked meat, along with baked. It was a meat bun that was more than likely bigger than the puppy’s stomach. “You are free to go back to your shop. Things happened and I will gloss over this situation… Just once.” She said to the man with a coldness, this coldness was seriousness that she had from her father as she had a distaste for poor treatment. To these words, the man walked back into his shop.

SokeKujo Edit

Yaban was merely looking around, he was curious to find his dog and figure out where he had ended up. Knowing Kotashi, he was the type to search for food and eat it without paying for it if it was at a market. Yaban sighed a bit annoyed as Kotashi would do this at least once a month, I guess you could call it a dogs curiosity. While Yaban walked and got closer to the market, his own sense of smell caught the scent of something delicious in the distance. Right after his stomach followed up and growled as he was actually hungry. Yaban moved on and entered the city as the smell was just too alluring. Once he entered the market he walked around for a few and ended up buying several skewers of beef, and chicken mixed with seasoning to make the flavor much more pleasing. Yaban was enjoying his meal as he got in from a cheap place near the location Isamu and Kotashi actually were. Yaban then followed by walking off through the civilization eating his food but searching for Tashi.

As for Tashi’s part of the story, everything went down as expected, he was almost hit by a broom but was saved by another shadow. This shadow defended him and even fed him food. Kotashi was easily pleased and started to eat the food gracefully like the little adorable pup he was. After Kotashi finished eating all the food, he started to actually lick Isamu’s hands since the food was so delicious showing that he was grateful for the bite. During these events transpiring, Yaban pulled up on the corner of where it was all going down. Seeing Kotashi licking Isamu’s hand made him feel some type of way as the first thing he did was call out to Tashi. “Tashi!” Kotashi turned to his owner and literally booked it jumping on Yaban, licking his face constantly. Yaban started chuckling as it tickled and he replied “Hey buddy! I missed you, need to stop going off on your own, here have some Beef.” Yaban followed and placed Kotashi in a carrying position to allow him the use of both his hands, doing this he then pulled the beef pieces off the skewer and fed them to Tashi as he ate them gracefully. Yaban then started eating his chicken from the other skewer as he had bought 2 exactly. He looked at Isamu and said, “The fuck was you feeding my dog?” Yaban was straight-forward and could come off as rude, after all, he didn’t know Isamu saved his dog from being hit with a broom. He was just demanding to know as Kotashi needed to stay healthy after all.

He hoped he didn’t harm her feelings as it wasn’t his intentions after all he was just looking out for his companion. With that, he placed Kotashi over his head and allowed him to relax there. His paws would dangle over Yaban’s forehead as he personally didn’t mind it. Yaban, on the other hand was giving Isamu a very intense stare as he was curious to what her answer was, the reason he was being straight was because some people beat around the question, this was something Yaban hated as he was headstrong with most of his decisions and opinion, hell he is rash enough to throw down for it as well. But that was beside the point, now Yaban only waited for Isamu to talk.

Isamu Uchiha(Nier) Edit

Breaking along the seams. The smile held welcoming and warm widened, she found herself glad that she waved Kotashi from being harmed—Soft giggles escaped her lips as the tongue held to the puppy graced against her hand, tickling her flesh… However, she wondered. Unaware of Yaban, he would’ve easily witnessed Isamu with an open container happily, finishing sharing her food with Kotashi and him happily thanking her by licking her hand, even hearing the cheerful giggling that was produced from her… It truly eased how she felt about the graduation coming around the corner. “Where is—” As soon as these words found themselves leaving her lips, the dingo himself, spoke up calling out to Tashi and forcing Isamu to pause what she was saying, those ebony hues looking to Yaban as Kotashi took off to his partner, jumping up to him and proceeding to give him an excitedly expressed affection.

As Kotashi departed from Isamu, she stood up collecting her container—Closing it and wrapping it up. After such, she was ready to turn away and began walking… She naturally tried to avoid Yaban… However, the first step she stood was when Yaban dared to speak to her with a rudeness and a harshness that everyone in her class talked about. Everyone called him mean and respectful… Even his dog, which was known as bitter… Even as so. She still helped, because.. Well. Many reasons.

I-I…” Pausing for that moment. Her head turned to look to Yaban, she tried to keep her warm smile, even though, she felt so uneasy about how he addressed her—Aggressive more or less. Holding up the container, almost offering to him, which she was actually using it to hide her face. “A meat bun from Kae’s beef shop.” She didn’t even bring up the fact she just saved his dog from almost being smacked the fuck up by a broom. Instead, she simply answered. She wasn’t sure how to interact with boys like him… She didn’t want to have a fight. Was he mad at her…? For.. feeding him?

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka (SokeKujo) Edit

Yaban was simply happy he had been reunited with his companion, after all without Kotashi Yaban personally felt weaker. But that was beside the point, Yaban was now reunited and that was all that mattered. Him catering to his dog and his rude question would seem to trigger a hesitant response from Isamu. She didn’t seem like the type to harm a fly, but personally, Yaban was just aggressive. It kind of made him mad that Isamu had turned away and attempted to avoid him. Personally, he felt like there was no need for such an action as Yaban wasn’t going to harm her. But she did stop and respond to his question which satisfied him, he smirked lightly and replied “Oh ok, just making sure. Don’t want Kotashi eating junk or sweets. By the way, what's your name?”

Yaban was straight-forward as for some odd reason Kotashi jumped out of Yaban’s arms and landed on the ground when he did he performed a small dog hustle towards Isamu and circle her leg. For some reason he had taken some form of liking to her, was it because she defended him? Maybe it was the fact she fed Kotashi. Who knew honestly as Yaban chuckled lightly and added a slight remark “Looks like Kotashi likes you, this is the first time he's jumped out of my arms and circled someone like that. You must have given him some good ass meat buns.” right after he started to laugh loudly as he found it personally funny. This was the personality Yaban possessed. But right after Yaban said “Oh right forgot manners, before asking others I should ‘introduce’ myself. My name is Yaban’na chi Inuzuka, it's a pleasure to meet you….” He kept a humming noise waiting for her to give a name. When she did he would add her name to the end of the statement obviously. But right now Isamu was on Yaban’s good side, mostly because she seemed harmless and genuinely was enjoying time with Tashi. Maybe, just maybe Yaban was looking at her like a friend. It all depended on what Isamu said after, if there was any good time to mention her good deed about helping his dog from being hit by a broom, now was that time. But then again it was all up to Isamu.

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Lowering the container—Her ebony hues looked to Yaban and just in time. As the container went to level itself against her chest, she notice Kotashi hopping from Yaban’s arms and moving in a puppy hustle to her, circling around her legs with a wagging tail. Kneeling downward, she pressed her knees into the dirt, placing the container down and offering out her hand—Was he going to let her pet him? She heard all the stories about other fellow students trying to commit to such, but she wasn’t going to invade Kotashi’s space, instead, she was going to offering her hand to see if he was find with such. Yes. Isamu held a gentle and sweet nature. She seemed to be the oddest Kunoichi in the meaning, gentleness and harmless, such traits were never really within the nature of a ninja… It meant they were weak… At least.. That’s what other students thought.

Caught a bit astray by Kotashi’s action, she forgot to give her name. It was weird… But, maybe would offer a reward to Isamu. He was such an interesting canine and she wondered what his fur was like—She didn’t want to force it. But if he allowed it, the canine would’ve been brushed with a gentleness of a single and simple stroke of her hand, adding her nails to make sure it was a nice brush. “He is… Charming.” She said with a soft giggle, an innocent one and almost with Yaban’s laughter. She wondered what the dog’s breed was… She didn’t know much about canines.. Almost nothing at all. And she noticed, most people, folk treated most canines like wild beasts. At least, that’s what she witnessed with Kotashi.

Oh. She forgot! The moment Yaban introduced himself—She did too. “Isamu Uchiha.” She answered with a small pause. The daughter of Hibiki Uchiha and hardly as great as him. With her other hand, she untied the container, proceeding to open it and take out a meat bun—Despite both of them already eating something, she did offer it out to Yaban as a means of friendship, along with offering the finer and more… Pricey food Konohagakure. “It is nice to meet you too.” She said with a warm smile, at least, a warm smile for a second as her hues looked to Yaban’s. For a second, her hues flickered to the shop they stood next to and… There was a soft frown.

I am glad, I found Kotashi.” That is more than likely the opposite what anyone would say about his puppy, at least in her class—However, she said that with a happy pureness. Proceeding back into a smile. If Yaban took the meat bun, he would’ve easily seen the nice purple fresh bruise within her palm, this was from catching the broom—The pain, she had been ignoring. Yes. If that broom had hit Kotashi, it would’ve possibly been aimed to break something. “That… Something… Really bad could’ve happened.” She said with a small pause within her words, almost as if she was trying to cover up what happened, when in reality, she just didn’t want to add worry. The fact she looked at the store and there was a random in door broom behind her, she didn't need to paint the picture, but there was no point, in her mind, to bring it up.

But. He is with you. So. Everything is fine.” She added.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka (SokeKujo) Edit

Kotashi was excited for some reason as it wasn’t normal, he normally was very aggressive unless he was in the arms of Yaban. But for some reason, he had taken a big liking to Isamu which was odd. This led to Yaban raising more suspicion that Isamu had done something for him, but he just hadn’t spoken about it as he could believe this was related to Isamu feeding Kotashi something. His eyebrow danced to these actions as he heard Isamu’s comment about Kotashi being charming. When Isamu actually went to pet him, Kotashi responded somewhat aggressive, but it was mostly because of her hand gesture being to ‘soft.’ Kotashi was trained to expect slow movements to which usually followed with something else. But right now Kotashi only shivered and made a quick snapping action, turning his head to nibble on Isamu’s hand instead of actually biting. She could feel his canine’s teething into her skin, but it wasn’t to the point where blood would be drawn as he did this in a playful manner. During those motions, he would then proceeded to hold her hand in a specific position with his paws and started to lick her hands (only if she kept them still). If she continued to move her hands about, Kotashi would continue to nibble until he pulled away which would trigger a growl along with an actual bark.

Yaban was confused as he had never seen Kotashi acting this way, his dark brown hues continued to watch carefully, but then the girl gave her name ‘Isamu Uchiha.’ He thought about it and that when it made sense, she was the daughter of the second Hokage. Though even with that factor Yaban didn’t pay his respects as he kept his attitude the same. She also mentioned that she was glad to meet him, Yaban was a bit surprised about that as he had approached her with a rude attitude. Most people didn’t like Yaban as he was naturally rude, but once someone got passed that phase, people would realize Yaban wasn’t a bad person at all. With that Yaban responded to Isamu’s statement of being glad to find Kotashi. “I’m glad you found him as well, usually he does this once a month but it's always a god damned hassle when he does. But it's mere curiosity so I don’t really care as long as he ends up being safe.”

That's when she mentioned something was about to happen to Kotashi. He raised an eyebrow as he didn’t know what she meant by that. Yaban then proceeded to ask her intercepting the comment about her being glad they were together “What was going to happen to Tashi?” He seemed entirely concerned regardless of the fact Kotashi was saved. He needed to know what was going on as he didn’t like when Tashi was in danger. After all, it was his closest friend, he was very defensive of Kotashi. He quickly added, “Tell me what happened.” Yaban was serious as he stared into the eyes of Isamu, it was up to her to finally give an actual response.

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Almost sent into a fright, when Kotashi turned with mistakened aggression and biting at the hand belonging to Isamu, she expressed a shock—However, it softened into a smile. Instead of finding fangs grinding into her bone, she found the gentle playful pitch to her hand and with that, she had an understanding that he simply wanted to play. So. In reaction, she moved her hand away, with two fingers she did the gesture of walking, these fingers walked across the ground, attempting to get Kotashi to chase them. And if he tried to. Her hand would lift, moving to his opposite direction, almost trying to make him use more instinct—She even discarded her own safety. She understood the puppy had sharp teeth and could easily draw blood, but that thought didn’t seem to bother her too much. Instead, she wondered when the last time someone was able to play with him? She was still gentle with Kotashi, but she did move a bit faster to give him a bit of difficult.

Her hues were still looking to Yaban, within her words. She was forced into a pause as he intercepted what she wanted to say—Her smile turned a bit more wry. “W-Well…” She paused once Yaban was becoming a bit more aggressive, serious to the point that she almost felt like the enemy. It was at this moment, that Isamu truly was expressing difficulty with dealing with Yaban. His nature was the opposite of her own in a sense, he was rough vs her gentle natured heart.

Despite playing with Kotashi, she kept her wits there as her hues moved to the shop. “Is it normal… For Kotashi to be bullied? Is it normal.. For him to be treated as a pest?” She didn’t answer his question, instead, she asked her own set with a pause. Paying her time to collect what she wanted to say, but these questions were her honestly wanting to know. She had an idea, if such was the case. If Kotashi wanted to explore. He should be able to do so without getting hurt and the fact that it was treated like a rat on the streets annoyed her. A lot. And despite playing with Kotashi, even if he drew blood from being overly playful. She would’ve kept playing with him without so much as an expression of pain.

Kotashi almost got hit by a broom from a person. I blocked it for him and told the owner to never do it again.” She explained simply, her opposite hand, the one not playing with Kotashi lifted and she revealed her palm to him as proof—The bruise upon her hand revealed a dark purple. One that seemed unbearably painful and without a doubt, if it hit Kotashi, it would’ve possibly broke something. “I asked because… Well… I can give him something… To where if he does this… People…” She was trying to be nice about it, it must’ve annoyed Yaban that she was too nervous to speak to him, he wasn’t like most people she talked to—She did see the goodness in his heart. Such as his concern.

People won’t try to treat him like a pest. He will be a ninja too. Others should treat him as such.” Her words became bold and she expressed a strength within her words as she trailed more into speaking. “We are the future of our village. As such. We are the ones that allow those who run their shops and crops to live in peace.” Those words she started to whisper to herself, almost mouthing them. She got that wisdom somewhere from Hibiki.

You’d have to follow me home… Or.. I can give it to you in class.” She added. Her expressed turned back gentle, her smile hadn’t faded.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka Edit

Yaban was serious, Kotashi was not he was enjoying his time with Isamu as she played with him and followed with his actions. Though the speed increased Kotashi was able to keep up as Yaban had taught him to react fast to quick gestures as well. His nibbles never increased in ferocity as he was literally playing with Isamu. It was the first time Tashi had ever played with someone other than Yaban. He smiled lightly as he was glad to see Tashi making some new friends. After all, Isamu seemed harmless and Yaban liked that about her already. Though she was an Uchiha and at that a daughter of the former Hokage so she more than likely was skilled as well. Yaban then followed and asked his serious question as he was eager to find out what she was hiding from him. His aggressive nature caused her to become slightly hesitant as she started her statement with a “well...” Yaban raised an eyebrow and waited patiently for her to continue her statement.  When she started to ask questions about Tashi being bullied or considering him a pest, he sighed as he responded “What does have to do with anything? Honestly not really as Tashi is usually with me and if anyone tried that shit I would kick their ass in a heartbeat.”

Yaban mentioned it clearly as he waited to see what Isamu would say after, that's when she revealed that Tashi was about to get hit with a broom earlier. But she intervened it by blocking the attack and telling that owner to never do such a thing ever again. Yaban smirked a bit and didn’t expect someone he never really talked to be this nice and caring. It actually made Yaban smile for some odd reason, though he was mad he was just glad Kotashi was safe. Yaban then said to Isamu “I see, well I am glad you saved him cause if not I would of beat the shit out of that dude. I really appreciate you doing that Isamu.” He smiled at her, flashing a charming toothy grin which would sweep her off her feet if she didn’t think twice. This was only because Yaban had that ‘bad guy’ persona but was actually quite charming in a sense.

With that being said Yaban waited patiently for Isamu to actually respond to his gestures. But then she followed and explained that she had something to actually prevent that from ever being an issue. Yaban smiled a bit as he found it interesting as he added “You don’t say? Say more!” He was interested in something that useful, she went on to explain her thoughts on how Tashi was to be considered a Ninja just like them as he served the village. After all, they fought for their rights to do such things. Yaban nodded to everything Isamu said, she was a 100 percent right. He even replied “Indeed, we surely are the future of this village, I wish people saw that and respected us more!” he then added, “But I will follow you home I don’t mind, Yo Tashi let's roll.” Tashi instantly understood the command and stopped joking around as he dog hustled towards Yaban and leaped towards him. Yaban would catch him and place him over his head as he then followed and said to Isamu “Lead the way Isamu-chan.” He smirked with his charming smile and waited for her to actually do so.

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Astonishing, Kotashi was quite a frisky little pup. Well trained too! Despite the increase in movement, he didn’t increase his bite power, he was gentle and didn’t inflict pain upon Isamu, who was truly adoring this time with Kotashi: the new friend she made. Wait. She made two new friends! Two friends that she almost heard nothing good about, but possibly, it was due to her gentle and sweet nature and due to this, she also had a good heart… So… Maybe, that’s why this happened. All because she helped Kotashi, not giving into the negative like many other students did. If we gloss over the fact, she tried to walk away, but that was due to a sense of fear and she didn’t want to fight with Yaban. But it seems things were working out.

Once words were expressed and things were revealed—She knew what she wanted to give Kotashi, she just hoped he accepted it… Along with let her touch her to get the right fit. If she wasn’t the type that did arty things, such as drawing, making bracelets or jewelry like the girly girl she was, this idea couldn’t be so pure. She could use that skill to help Kotashi out… She just hoped they were patient enough. As soon as Kotashi was called away back to Yaban. She shifted. Shifting to a stand, she wrapped the container with the cloth and gripped within her delicate fingers, she held the container on level to her lap—Her smile got everso warmer.

Tilting a bit forward, towards both Yaban and Kotashi, her friendly warmth would’ve easily caught them as she leaned a bit toward them—Cutesy in the full sense of the word. She spoke up everso gently with glee. “I am always more than happy to help. I don’t need appreciation for doing the proper and right thing.” She said with a soft shade added to her cheeks, with hand waved in gesture like a shh-shh. Yes, she was truly a sweet girl. She couldn’t be a ninja. Straightening her posture, she turned to begin walking with a gentle hum called cheerfulness, how amazing! She gets to bring a friend home, actually, this is the first time she has ever done this… She didn’t think too deep about it. She assumed her father would be happy to see her new friends.

Now. As they were traveling, Yaban would’ve easily realized they were traveling towards the wall, the exit of the lovely city. Still smiling as sweetly as ever, she slowed up a bit to line herself next to Yaban’s right side. He would’ve easily realized that Isamu lived outside of the walls of the village. This would easily been address with Isamu looking to him with the tilt of her head. “Your mother and father will not mind this..? Right..?” Isamu questioned with a bit of confusion, she was expressing not wanting to get him trouble. Almost looking out for him is what it felt like. And with that, standing by the entrance gate twenty feet ahead of them was a shinobi or two who waved to Isamu—“You are a little late!” Cupping their hands over their mouth, a shinobi semi-yelled in Isamu direction as both Yaban and Isamu advanced.

Lord Hibiki is going to produce a bull!” Another Shinobi added—Forming upon the back of head, there was a sweatdrop with her expression fading into a bummed smile. How great, she thought. A little late meant very late in Hibiki language. Unwrapping the container, as soon as they would’ve managed to the gate, she would’ve offered the two shinobi a meat bun, believe it or not, she had quite a few. As she did this, one of the shinobi would’ve looked to Yaban, back to Isamu. “Is this a friend of yours… Or..?” The or came from the Shinobi’s mouth, Isamu got a bit growly—Which meant protective..? Defeative..?

Cutting the Shinobi off with at the OR. She held a bright smile with more seriousness behind it and a simple word. “Yes.” She said, trailing a bit more into the topic. “This is Yaban'na chi Inuzuka, and his companion Kotashi. We are in the same class together.” Pointing to the two as she introduced them, the Shinobi started to relax a bit more, as it was only concern and he didn’t want contest on her that. Note, she did not call it a dog or canine, more or less, addressing it as a person. “Between the three of us. I think I will be safe heading home without your escort.” She added with a smile and proceeded to walk between the two Shinobi, out of the gate. Hopefully, with Yaban still in follow.

It was rathering interesting to know how far Isamu truly was from the academy, without a doubt, she walked this every morning to make it? Yes. However, with the dirt path, it would’ve guided them to her home, it would’ve just been a forest trip. Closing to container, she simply walked and lined herself up back on Yaban’s side with a few inches to spare. She hoped he didn’t mind the forest walk. Besides, it wasn’t that far.

It's not that far from the village.” She said to ease the quiet, she normally didn't have this happen or.. She never really had friends over for the fact it was always outside the gate.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka (SokeKujo) Edit

Yaban was grateful to Isamu as he thanked her for saving Kotashi. This meant that she was on Yaban’s good side. Mostly because those who looked at Kotashi as a friendly being were a friend of Yaban. After all, those who cared for his companion were always welcome in his book. With gestures being exchanged, eventually, Isamu took lead and started directing them towards her home. The offer about giving him something that would prevent that issue for Kotashi would be useful, especially when he would leave Yaban to explore randomly. Yaban simply nodded and proceeded to actually follow her. Yaban easily followed behind Isamu when she straightened her posture out to start walking towards her home. Yaban had also noticed the slight shade her skin gained when he used his charming ‘persona.’ Isamu was truly sweet and Yaban really liked that about her for some odd reason.  While they walked Isamu slowed down to land side by side with Yaban as they casually walked towards the exit of Konoha’s village. He found this a bit confusing as they were stepping out of the village. Did this mean she lived on the outside of Konoha? That was something interesting to note as he merely continued following, his parent would chew him up for leaving the village with no permission, but Yaban never cared as he liked doing what he wanted to do. With Isamu’s question being raised, Yaban easily replied to her “Nah I’m sure they won’t care.” He smiled as he was lying through his teeth, the funny part was it was near impossible to tell as Yaban was very independent and rebellious to his parents.

Once they closed in on the gates some Shinobi’s addressed them as Isamu knew them and talked for Yaban and Kotashi. They mentioned that Isamu was a little late, but then as that conversation was passed, they looked at Yaban and addressed him and Kotashi. Isamu easily defended them and introduced them to the guards as they seemed hesitant about Yaban and Kotashi being with Isamu. When Isamu introduced them, Yaban easily replied with a “tch” sound from the edge of his teeth. It was almost like they considered Yaban a delinquent, but it was fine as he disregarded it. After all, things were easily sorted out as Isamu easily told the Guards that between them three, Isamu wouldn’t need an escort.

With Isamu, Yaban, and Kotashi now leaving the gates and heading for her home, they would need to travel through the forest around Konoha’s prestigious village. Yaban walked casually as Isamu remained by his side. Kotashi was absolutely knocked out as he never moved an inch from his location. Yaban had grown used to Kotashi sleeping on his head, so it wasn’t an issue with him. With that being said the only two actually awake and walking was Isamu and Yaban. Her voice then came to light again as she mentioned her home wasn’t that far from the village. Yaban smiled and replied, “No worries, I got nothing better to do so I don’t mind going for a little walk.” He smiled at her as his brown hues looked into her black eyes if she had been looking at him. If she was looking at him then he would lock eyes with her to show her that his undivided attention was held by her at this time. Yaban was merely acting as ‘cool’ as he possibly could. It’s funny because everyone swore Yaban was the dick head of the academy, but this would prove that once you were cool with him, the friendship would be delightful.

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Was it weird? She had to be weird. Grateful or not, she would’ve insisted on helping and as such, is it weird to invite someone she just met to her home for the sake of protecting their canine, for not just now, but within the future..? Huh… She didn’t really invite people, but Hibiki should’ve been glad, she was bringing a friend over. Well, someone she counted as a friend, it wasn’t hard for her to count anyone as a friend. If they were the same village, they were a friend! As her simple mind thought about how great this was, her smile seemed to be one of excited of the sort.

Without being hindered, the two departed from the gate with a small conversation sparking between the two—Those wandering black hues were met with brown hues. She wasn’t attempting to sneak a peek, but she was looking for a little bit longer than a normal person should. Was she studying him? Or was there something else? However, the moment she realized had gained his attention, and Kotashi happened to be asleep—Truly, it was adorable. Offering a brighter smile, her her hues and head turned to look directly forward with a haste. It was rude to stare. She was doing that. Shame on her.

I am quite happy I ran into Kotashi.” She started with those words, there was something more in there—She held herself having the worst day ever. Her right hand lifted, she looked to the darkening bruise on her hand and with an instant, she balled up her hand. “Because I got to make two friends today.” She added with a gentle smile, her body swayed left to right for a moment at the thought. She was going to say something completely different, but she thought that reasoning was better, she didn’t want to think about the down side and she perished the thought of her stresses.

But ♪” With a gentle hum of a word, call her a bit too cheerful or excited and it random, but it almost sound like she was about to break out into a song of sorts—Gesturing her hands a bit, holding them up in a sort of gesture. As her head shook for a second with her next set of words. “You realize—That this is fate.♫ ♬” Her voice became so soft, like cotton, as her voice trailed on the gentle pitch of each letter forming the ‘’perfect’’ short song held recalled. “And there—Is no turning back. ♩” She eased out of the short expressed words, this must be something she did often and call it a genjutsu, most people, not even with her class friends, did anyone know she liked to sing and if someone actually asked, there was a lot of things she liked to do. However, with each word, there was a peacefulness that lingered as if the forest they walked in listened. There could’ve been a number reasons to why she such did it, such as Hibiki’s protective nature and as such. Possible traps. Who knows.

Within a moment, her hands would’ve dropped and unclipped from the container to her side. “Sorry.” She would’ve said in the hope of cutting him off if he tried to speak on that random singing—Easing down the path for a good five minutes at their pace. “I do that sometimes.” She added.

Yaban  would’ve started notice the small manor held to two stories, beyond him and walking through the gate, there was a fence held dark wooden that took of as far as the eye could see, beyond this dark wooden fence a good forty feet away, beyond the lush greenery, was her home. Which, they were walking to the gate, the gate was a good few feet away. If he looked to his direct right, he would’ve noticed a tree held with many burns. Just a note.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka (SokeKujo) Edit

Yaban was relaxed as he proceeded traveling with Isamu. She seemed happy, a smile on her face which warmed Yaban’s heart somewhat. He was confused by this feeling as he had never felt this way before. But he acted like it was actually nothing, he then noticed how she looked at her hand and clenched it. Yaban was watching her the entire time, he didn’t care about staring was rude. It was his eyes and if he wanted to stare, well he was going to do so. She then started talking as she mentioned she was happy that she had met Kotashi as meeting him allowed her to make 2 new friends today. He smiled and lifted his arms behind his head and walked in a relaxed manner he then replied: “Same here honestly, I don’t have many friends, it’s whatever though.” Yaban shrugged as he heard Isamu sing, her voice was adorable as he listened to her with grace.

He listened to her voice as it was truly soulful, his ears twitched as he closed his eyes and simply listened. When she stopped his eyes opened up and looked at her again as he was slightly mad about that, but he understood that singing might take a lot after a while. Maybe she was just purely nervous? Who knew, but Yaban decided to compliment her “You have a beautiful voice Isamu!” Yaban commented as he thought about it twice. His face changed shades as he turned towards the side attempting to play it off. He waited to see what Isamu would say as the words she expressed after seemed like she felt bad for imposing her will of singing on him. Yaban continued staring as he then added “Stop playing, you have a great voice Isamu!  I enjoyed that.” He smiled and kept it casual, this time his face didn’t change shades as he was simply complimenting her singing abilities.

Once they had passed this dialogue they would begin arriving at a manor which was visible in the distance. Yaban smirked as it must have been Isamu’s house, he continued to maintain a relaxed stance as he walked. He personally was happy with going on this small adventure, hopefully, Hibiki wasn’t home, and if he was hopefully he wouldn’t kill Yaban.

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Mm. That was a thought… Maybe, Yaban was a bit overbearing..? He wasn’t a bad person, he seemed a bit aggressive at the start and she held enough heart to see it through with a bit of patience and a smile—She was also really soft hearted. Not everyone was like her. After these words, the string of a song she sung and her hues held to ebony looking back to the familiar and more friendly hues held shades of brown. They widened as a splash of crimson shaded against her cheeks, a warmth that found itself upon them - Her hands followed to cup them as she turned her head away, as he did the same. She didn’t expect the words, he looked upset for a moment, but said something completely different. She was a bit shocked for that. Then again. She did it rarely.

Speeding up a bit, without a doubt, she was embarrassed in a good way—There was a trailing giggle. “Thanks…” She said with a pause, when she was speeding up, her right hand moved from her face to push open the gate and as soon as the dark wooden gate opened, revealing the dirt path held to different to both sides were different colorful flowers and with a turn to face Yaban. He would’ve easily seen the rosy cheeks and the sweet smile belonging to her, as the sunray’s danced behind her through the opening that had only few trees. It was the warmest welcome she knew how to give—How adorable! “Welcome to my home!” She sounded so excited, waving for him to follow and as soon as this gesture was made. She bolted to the porch, it was fine wooden, there was two chairs with a small table, along with two pillows of the sorts and a level table between it, with a gaming set.

As soon as Yaban would’ve caught up—She would’ve slid open the door and her face would’ve held a more faint smile. Something happened. Easing into the house, Yaban would’ve been smacked with a modest part of the home, without a doubt, from this small little meeting part of the manor. There was a lot more to it—Those ebony hues scanned as her head popped in, one hand would’ve went to undo her laces of her boot and she expected Yaban to do the same. “Take off your shoes here and make yourself at home.” She said with a fading smile, he would’ve easily noticed there was a lack of Hibiki. She didn’t have to call out to know he wasn’t home.

As her shoes came off, she slipped on some house slippers, in case of a guest, which was very rare from her and it use to be never, she came him her pair, if he was nice enough to agree and used her father—He had a bigger foot, but she didn’t want to hear it from Nana. Bless her soul.


Advancing into a living room, a den rather, a small area which had a tea room to the right, which was normally used for meeting. Once eased from the entrance, Yaban would’ve stepped upon the cotton soft fabric flooring and it was spotless. He wouldn’t smell any animal… Well… So he thought. Within the distance of the dark-dimlit den, a far hallway—There was a flapping. Was that a bird? And there was a sound of sorts, like a gentle screeching. A shadow held to a float started to move within the distance. It was so faint.

He must be chasing something again...” She said with a small giggle, he was something that wasn’t human or a normal animal—Placing the container on a table where a chair and couch was, she simply gestured Yaban into her lovely home. At best, the creature was easily bigger than Kotashi and, all he had to do was trust that whatever that was, it wasn't going to eat his pupper. As this was possibly his thoughts. There was a soft sigh. And then. Without a doubt, Isamu started to take off her long sleeved shirt. It could've been really weird for her guest, but he would've easily realized she had tanktop underneath it. Before tossing it to the chair, she removed the smoke and flash bomb she had within the sleeves and placed them upon the table. Oh yes, she was cheeky. Turning to look to Yaban. She spoke.

May I see Kotashi?” She asked.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka Edit

Yaban was relaxed, he didn’t really over exaggerate as he noticed the small tint of pink on Isamu’s face. He gave her the charming smile in response and said “No problem” as he continued to follow her, this led to them reaching her manor. Once they arrived she mentioned welcome to her home, he was amazed by the giant house she had as after she bolted for the porch. Yaban simply followed behind her as he said: “Wait for me!” He ran after her as they shortly reached the porch. Once they did, Yaban noticed how wealthy she truly was, but he didn’t really talk about this as he simply accepted this introduction. She seemed to look around for something by peaking her head into the house. Yaban was confused as he simply followed and said to her “What are you even looking for?” he followed behind her as she then stopped him and told him to take the shoes off. He sighed as he followed up with taking his Sandals off, and followed behind Isamu.

When they finally got settled in the house, she seemed relieved, but then something in the background could be heard, he turned his head in that direction, to which she commented that ‘he’ was chasing something. Yaban shrugged it off as he settled himself in and took a seat on her couch and relaxed a bit. Yaban easily commented shortly after ”Man your couches are comfy, so this is what it's like to be wealthy huh?” he laughed a bit as he liked this lifestyle low key. Maybe a few changes here and there to fit his liking, but overall it was comfortable, and he liked it. Yaban then heard her request as she asked to see Kotashi, Kotashi heard his name and sprung his ears up and looked around confused. Yaban stood up and pulled Kotashi off his head and said: “Alright, do this at your own risk.” He followed up and went to drop Kotashi on her lap.

Kotashi squirmed around and jumped on to the ground and growled at Yaban, it was like an indication that he didn’t like that idea, for personal reasons. He had just met Isamu, so letting her carry him was too early in his book. Petting was fine, but actual carrying was out of the question. Kotashi barked once randomly as Yaban responded “Hey! Relax Tashi, it's not like that. She’s cool people you saw what she did.” Kotashi looked at him and was practically mad. This led to Yaban sighing as he decided to give Kotashi time to get used to it. What would Isamu do to get on his good side this time?

Isamu Uchiha Edit

Hibiki.” She answered with a simpleness, pausing a bit short. “Thank you.” She turned with a gentle smile, thanking him for removing his shoes as he entered her home—Yes, she lived in such a lovely place. However, she wasn’t THAT wealthy. They had a very humble home, modernize here and there, but it seemed rather humble until it came to the comfort, such as the couches that had sat upon. Yes, they were super comfy as Yaban had answer. Sitting a bit to the edge of the couch, she kept herself sitting upward with hands extending out to Kotashi, she was actually going to place him upon the table, on her sweater she took off not to long ago, to make sure he had a bit of scent on him for reasons. But, Yaban placed him in her lap. And oh boy. Kotashi was NOT pleased by this.

As soon as Kotashi had found himself upon her lap, he would’ve been met with her ebony hues as her hands moved to placed themselves to her sides—She not forcing him to be there at all. What did Yaban mean by her own risk..? Was this something Kotashi had an issue with? It seemed like so. She only got more concerned… Did something happen to Kotashi..? She simply smiled softly, but she was truly concerned about the pup’s well being and as soon as he left her lap? “I am so sorry, Kotashi!” She said to him, slipping off the edge of the couch to sink her knees into the wool colored carpet. She wasn’t sure if he understood, but she was going to apologize anyways.

This wasn’t good. Isamu found herself attempting to calm down, Kotashi—He didn’t need to bark. She wanted to avoid that and the spark into her emotions didn't help the situation, as soon as these words flicked off her tongue. “I didn’t mean to make you so upset. I—” It was at this moment, it started the moment Kotashi had barked. Flapping within the distance, the sound echoing from the hallway held to darkness. A screech held to harsh, but excited, a cerulean and merigold hue charged within the distance.

She paused within her own words, her hues looked to the hallway. She had an idea. “Reihaka!” she called with a softness, and moving to her feet. Her right hand moved to take her sweater and wrap it around her left arm, as soon as the name left her mouth. There was another bird like sound, this one was sound and following, there was a flapping of wings. Held to a height of two feet with a few inches to spare and a wingspan six feet, it was amazing this thing could soar through the hallway, which was a seven foot width. Making it into light, it was a whites and blacks, with greys. This bird held itself almost bigger than Isamu in mass.


Let me introduce you to…” She paused for a moment, she didn’t like addressing it as a mere bird. “Companion. This is my companion.” She said to both Kotashi and Yaban. Once these words left her mouth, Reihaka found itself slowing it’s flight down to flutter around Isamu. What both Yaban and Kotashi would’ve seen was a bird held a bit different from a normal one, it had a tail, which was two feet long and around its neck, was a band of sorts. It held the left the Uchiha symbol, proving it belonged to them. The size of this bird proved that it would easily kidnap an adult sheep without much issue with its talons.

Dancing around Isamu, the bird simply really happy to her see, to the point it’s tail waved to wrap around her neck like a hug, once it circled Isamu twice—He took his talons and dug it into the sweater, attempted to be as gentle as possible. Which, if one thought about it, it wasn’t easy at all. But one would know it had the ability to break bones. With her hand, she took a talon in hand to help it hold itself up and soon, presented it to both Yaban and Kotashi. Nuzzling into her cheeks, the bird was happy to see her and she was trying not to giggle.

Reihaka. Meet Yaban and Kotashi.” As she said this, the bird tilted its head, looking to both the boy and the puppy, then back to Isamu with the tilt of its head. It didn’t seem hostile, but it seemed to understand quite well.

Reihaka .1

This is a song eagle..” She explained to them. Her other hand moved to the band around its neck, it went to remove the headband held to its neck. “Normally, he would’ve attacked both you and Kotashi, but seeing how you both are with me, he would’ve never done such. Now that he knows your name and friend, he has considered you both as allies. He is my only friend, aside from you and Kotashi now.” She added with a smile. Now, if they looked at the size between Isamu and this bird, the bird almost looked completely bigger than her in mass.

Offering Yaban the band. She smiled to him. “Everyone in the village can identify Reihaka. So. I want you to take this.” She knitted her brows as she paused, it had the Uchiha symbol on it, that was an issue. Well. A little bit. “This is proof of us being allies...” She stated with another pause. Oh. She can put his clan symbol on it too! The bird, would've kept his sight on Kotashi, not in a means of saying he is food, but out of curiousness. Like. He just met a friend he could play with.

Say… What is the symbol of your clan..? I can engrave it upon this.” She asked Yaban.

Yaban'na chi Inuzuka (SokeKujo) Edit

Yaban heard Isamu speak as she mentioned ‘Hibiki.’ he blinked twice trying to register this information. Did she just say Hibiki? As in the former second Hokage? He gulped and got nervous as he didn’t know how to respond to this comment. In fact, Yaban started to shake in place as he didn’t know how to react to such information. She had mentioned thank you, but the look on his face was as if he saw a ghost. He followed her and never replied as he was terrified, what if Hibiki was freaking hiding? Yaban at this point regretted following Isamu as he didn’t think Hibiki would be home. He followed her, but his personality was stiff, everything went perfectly fine though, he attempted his best to play it off. Then the events of Kotashi barking happened in which a loud screech was heard. A giant bird out of nowhere would come flying towards Isamu, she called the birds name out naming it Reihaka. When the bird finally settled the affection between owner and companion was real just like how Kotashi was with Yaban. Kotashi then felt compelled to do the same and leaped onto Yaban’s lap as he had taken a seat on one of her couches. Kotashi would place his paws on Yaban’s chest and reached for his face to lick him with affection.

With that Isamu introduced Yaban and Kotashi to Reihaka, he nodded his head and waved to Reihaka as Kotashi barked lightly to resemble a ‘hello’ But it was a singular and simple bark so it was obvious it wasn’t with vicious intention. Then Yaban witnessed Isamu take the headband off Reihaka and seemed to give the indication of giving it to him. He heard her speech as she mentioned that Reihaka was a Song Eagle and how on normal occasions she would attack them, but since she witnessed how they carried themselves around Isamu he acknowledged them as Allies. She had also mentioned she had no friends as only Reihaka, Yaban, and Kotashi were her current friends, his response to that would of been simple “I see I’m sorry to hear that… I kinda suffer from the same now that I think about it. I don’t really have any friends aside from you so it's kinda cool to have 2 new friends!” Yaban simply nodded in response as he felt honored by that he simply mentioned with his usual charming smile.

That's when she finally proceeded to give him the headband to which she also asked what his clan symbol was, he chuckled a bit and said “Don’t laugh, it's literally on my face.” He chuckled slightly as it was the red fang marks on his face. That was the clan symbol of the Inuzuka clan, With that being said he would give her the chance to actually make any changes, but he would say even before the headband was adjusted and given to him “I really value this friendship, it's surely something different then what I am used to” With that he left it to Isamu.