From the least to the most rare to one of a kind artifacts, items and relics.

The Origami Note: (Was 'found' in a living book possessed by some form of chakra spirit, Azure ripped the page out during his fight against this drooling  book which tried to bite his leg off after he finally excavated it from below a ruined site said to be haunted. Unfortunately, the book made it out and Azure was never able to find it again.)  Folding this note -A4 size- into the shape of any animal will make it act as such until the page is flattened out again. Unfortunately, this note has a will of its own and will not listen to its owner. And is very annoying to catch when let loose.

Apple of Hagshagu: (A very special apple with two small bites taken from it. Both of these taken by Azure after he found a tree with glowing fruits in a faraway valley.) Upon taking a bite from this apple one's skin will begin to radiate a white/golden glow; especially bright at night. The apple always stays fresh.

Shinderu-steelbird Feather: (There is a mighty bird as big as a boat who soars the skies above unknown mountain peaks hidden in dangerous Iwagakure territory. Azure one ventures these mountain peaks to find the egg of one of these birds, which he did, but he barely made it out alive and had to surrender the egg to its mother. He did reclaim one of the mother's feathers however.) This feather feels as light as a regular feather to the hand of who holds it but acts as a kunai in terms of weight when thrown.

Shiju Scroll: (Only ten of these Scrolls remain in existence, Azure was given this item after protecting the heir of the Shinobi who made them from villains seeking the many unique items left behind by her late father. Azure had originally traveled to Granny Shiju to try and bargain a few other items of her and happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.) This small-sized scroll can fit most pant pockets but has the same capacity a two large scrolls.

Skull of the Unknown: (This relic was found in the subterranean tombs of kings of old who dabbled in the art of the forbidden. After barely surviving the mutated creatures which guarded these tombs, Azure almost lost his life to a series of intricate traps only to stumble into nothing short of a mortuary filled with bones, bones and bones. There was one Skull which was very unusual though. For it still had eyes... eyes that stared right at Azure.) This Skull is capable of allowing the user to see through the eyes of the last person who touched it, no matter where they are.

(More will be added at later times after these have been earned by or given away to other Shinobi.)