This is a list of all the documented tools which a shinobi or ninja may use in their battles.

  • Arrow: Costs 1 point each.
  • : Costs 6 points.
  • Bow: Costs 8 points.
  • Yari: Costs 8 points.

Point LimitEdit

For reference for those who remove it from their profiles, this is the point limits for each rank.

  • Genin & Chūnin: 50 pieces.
  • Jōnin: 70 pieces.
  • S-rank & Kage: 80 pieces.

Chakra Blade MetalEdit

It's important to note that weapons which have the ability to flow chakra into them consist of a specially manufactured metal type. Because of this, it is exclusive to weapons such as Asuma's own Chakra Blades and any personal, custom items a character possesses which is made specifically of this metal. This also means for any chakra flow and weapon related techniques, you will require the tool to possess metal for it to be effective.