Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, the proud hidden village that abides by the Will of Fire. This hidden village is a part of the Land of Fire and more importantly a part of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. It is the eldest among the hidden villages, having lasted between 3 generations thus far. Today, it continues to grow and prosper from the care and love the people give to this village. Because of its status, Konoha is one of the select villages with the privilege of having their leader's christened as a Kage. So far, it has only had 3 Hokage.

Regular ForcesEdit

These are the regular forces of shinobi that are present within Konoha.



  • Kichaku Nara



Throughout history, the strongest and wisest of Konoha's ninja have been elected as the village's leader. These are the Hokage, legendary ninja known throughout the shinobi world.

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The Squads of Genin and their respective Jonin.

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Important LocationsEdit

A list of the places that can be found in Konoha.

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