Many of you I'd imagine are new to wiki, when first joining this it can be an overly-complicated process with proper direction or guidance. The very purpose of this page is to help with making your page without the need for so much help. If at any point you have an important question to ask, refer to Dio or Genrei.

Without further ado, let's begin the guide.

Making your Character's PageEdit

We begin first with making your OC's page, the avatar which you will be using to RP here at F.G.N.

  1. Go to the F.G.N Character Template page.
  2. Edit the Application, turn to source mode and copy the entire page's code.
  3. Make a new page titled as your character's name, I.E: Naruto Uzumaki or Sakura Haruno.
  4. Go into source on your new page and paste the Bio Application's coding into it.
  5. Go back to visual editor and fill out your bio.
    • To edit your infobox, simply mouse over it, if on the visual editor click it, before clicking on the puzzle piece. From there, you can edit it and fill out its parameters.
  6. Once finished with your bio, ask for an admin (listed above) to look over your bio for approval.



See Icons page for coding.

On your template, you will notice various parameters including: Chakra Natures, Kekkei Genkai, Village/Affiliations; etc. These parameters are meant to use specific icons which can be found on the respectively named page. Please use these when making your page.