Golden Fool
The Fool
Kanjiゴールデン・フール (金蚩)
RōmajiGōruden Fūru
RangeLong range
Worth20 points
Golden Fool is a puppet created by the Third Hokage, currently in the possession of his son Joten Kujo. It represents the card The Fool and is only a part of the Third's larger collection, known collectively, as the Major Arcana.

Golden Fool has a very distinct appearance, standing at just 4 feet tall with a relatively humanoid body. Its most noticeable features is in its face, with a protruding nose and pointed ears almost like an imp. It has an arsenal of weapons stored within its body and capable of detaching itself from the joint at numerous points within its body. While it has no specialties so to speak, it makes up with this in it's lethal power. 


All of Golden Fool's weapons are coated in a paralytic poison that activates in only minutes (1 post round). The victims of this poison will then seize up and lose control of their body for a total of 10-20 minutes. Despite the effectiveness of this poison, it can be remedied by even the most basic antidotes. Even excising the wound immediately would prevent the poison from circulating through the blood stream.

  • Single gas cylinder in left arm containing two poison smoke bombs. These smoke bombs contain the same poison, but due to the difference in how the poison is introduced it has different effects. Upon inhalation, the poison begins to slowly take effect over 3x the length of the regular poison with increased levels of paralysis. This decrease in motor function eventually results in complete paralysis before 10 minutes pass and the victim can move again.
  • Fingertips can open to reveal metal spikes which can be used for stabbing. The hands also have the ability to detach from Golden Fool's arms.
  • Trap jaw that is capable of unhinging and clamping down on anything caught in it.
  • Small rocket installed at the back of Golden Fool's head, hidden in its hair. One-time use weapon that when used has the ability to lift a grown man 20 feet off the ground.
  • Single, small scroll in Golden Fool's head sealed with a great number of explosive tags.