G'hals Opus Monstrum

An ancient Grimoire found in submerged temple beneath a mysterious lake covered by a black mist, guarded by several of the creatures it illustrates defines and is capable of summoning. This Grimoire is the most powerful object in Azure's possession by a landslide.


Who created the Grimoire, and how it works exactly, are mysteries at best but Azure has figured out some details through solving the riddles in the Story of G'hal and the Azure Beast.

  • The book was written by several people, something noted after seeing different pages having varying handwriting.
  • The book is 3ft tall, 2ft wide and weighs a stunning 50lbs.
  • When opening the Seal that binds the book, it only reveals the depiction and information pertaining to the monster being summoned. Limiting the user to only reading said double-page while all other pages are glued together, and to the covers, by a force Azure declared unbreakable by means known.
  • The book functions through a variation of the summoning technique which opens a portal directly linked to the position of the monster revealed by the Grimoire.
  • Some of the creatures brought forth by this book are of such power that they are far above a threat level manageable by Azure alone. As such the Konoha Authorities have forbidden him from using it without at least two other Jounin-Rank, or higher, Shinobi present.
  • It is guessed that the Azure Beast is the strongest of all within the Opus Monstrum but Azure has never seen it.


This Grimoire is filled with 777 double pages of Monsters, terrifying predators of all shapes and sizes. It is bound by a Seal which can only be opened in one particular way in order to summon one of the Monsters.

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