Bestiae est Lex
EnglishLaw of Beasts
ClassificationNinjutsu, Space–Time Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
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Derived Jutsu
Bestiae est Lex is a unique technique or spell that can only be accessed through G'hals Opus Monstrum. After placing one's hand on the Grimoire's lock, the book will begin to parasitically drain the user's chakra. Once draining most of the user's chakra, the book will then begin to float on its own accord and summon a mythical beast existing in the vast and legendary world of Shinobi.


Upon filling the previous requirements, G'hals Grimoire opens up to any random page within the Grimoire to one of the documented creatures previously encountered by one of the writers. Through the Grimoire calling out the beast's name, it pinpoints the exact location of said beast in the wild before the grimoire forcibly rips open a hole in space–time in front of the creature while its moving. Forcibly drawing it into the approximate location of the book. 

The monster drawn from the wild is chosen by the book itself, and can not be controlled by the user once the process has begun. The beasts found with the Grimoire are all powerful and violent in their own right, apex predators of their own natural realms. They have the power to reduce any village to rubble either through fire, fury, or floods. However, these violent forces of nature are equally as deadly to the summoner. A beast, is still a beast, and once it has torn through whatever is in front of it will undoubtedly turn right back around to the supple victim just behind it. Because of this potential danger for allies and summoner alike, it is labelled as a kinjutsu and should be used only with the utmost concern or else one should dig themselves into their early grave.