Anthropological Wattage
ClanSagara Clan
Known Wielders

Anthropological Wattage is a kekkei genkai that allows the user to create and secrete special enzymes from their body. These enzymes are highly reactive to chakra and create electricity when introduced to the substance. This creates biological electricity which the user can create from all parts of their body. This bloodline is possessed by the Sagara Clan.


Through AW (Anthropological Wattage), members of the Sagara Clan are able to create and excrete potassium-heavy enzymes. Due to the make-up of these enzymes, they are highly reactive to chakra. These enzymes are naturally present in the body at low-levels, giving those of Sagara anatomy the unique side-effect of a passive electric field.

This electric field that their body is cloaked in, however, is only a perk of AW and has no offensive or defensive purpose in nature aside from most immunity to parasitic insects as well as giving off slight shocks to those they touch.

Once chakra is actively flowed through the body at a designated area and a given amount of enzymes are created for that area, the user can amplify the power in their electricity at particular areas. In concentrated attacks, at its most rudimentary levels this can create shocks capable of temporarily hindering an enemy or stunning them if contact is maintained. At peak proficiency, these shocks can potentially leave electric burns and induce further levels of shock. Any levels higher than this are impossible with AW due to the fact the electrical field comes from the reaction of the enzymes and are a byproduct of the reaction to chakra and not a direct result of it.

This concentrated electrical field can be evenly distributed around the body as well, but with lesser degrees of shock being possible due to the distribution of the energy.

Despite this passive electrical field that Sagara possess, they are not actually affected by water or lightning. This is due to further mutations of their body, with extra deposits of fat around their internal organs that prevent them from being shocked by themselves. This can make it dangerous to bathe and swim close to them. This does not make them immune to Lightning Release jutsu, but only serves to protect them from low-levels of electrocution.

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