Yaban and Ace: A Headstrong Collision or Will and Fury

SokeKujo: The day was as regular as it could be, the sun was out and shining brighting. The time was about 2 pm in the afternoon, which was somewhat recognized as the sun’s peak. Underneath this ball of flames which hung in the sky was a boy of about 13 years of age. His hair was a muddy brown as his white headband kept his hair in place so it wouldn’t fall over his forehead. His eyes also consisted of a dark brown complexion which simply fit his attire. He donned his regular attire, it being a leatherish kind of jacket along with his original shinobi attire. His jacket would be open, and underneath would be a regular black T-shirt that fit with his entire style. His shinobi headband how ever would be located on his waist as he wore it like a belt of some sort. Not to mention he also had red fang painting marks on his face,this boy was known as Yaban. Yaban was a boy who came from the Inuzuka clan, but was known as their ‘golden’ child. Leading to why he gained such a egotistical attitude over the years of growing up. He is loyal to those he care about, but his wants and needs usually come over others feelings making Yaban self centered in many cases. But that was beside the point, Yaban had been strolling through the village minding his business as he wanted to go for a walk. On top of his head was a husky/wolf which consisted of dark blue fur on the top section of his body as the bottom was purely white as snow. His dog was known as Kotashi, but Yaban usually called him Tashi. Both of them were extremely tight in fact some called them inseparable. Kotashi was merely sleeping on his head as Yaban walked about effortlessly enjoying the beautiful weather. After an hour of traveling he reached a special place he enjoyed visiting during times like this. The place was a river just off the east side of the village, about 30 minutes out. Yaban would travel in that direction and when he did arrive he lowered Kotashi which then followed to run into the water and bathe inside of it. Yaban simply sat under some shade and decided to relax, personally he wanted to give Kotashi time to enjoy himself and run about freely. This being the perfect time for Kotashi to do such a thing. But Yaban kept fully awake as he watched from the shade below the tree he sat underneath. Kotashi would randomly bark to attempt and get Yaban’s attention as he wanted him to play, but at the moment Yaban was enjoying the weather and relaxing, maybe in the next 15 minutes Yaban would play with Kotashi.

“Garbage.”. A rebellious teen strolled down the many roads between the Hyuga clan compound and the Konoha gates. His fingers nestled in crimson locks fashioned in messy spikes some of which loomed over the corners of his large slanted eyes. The smug expression on his face not changing one bit as he kicked a trash can into a group of stray cats who barely managed to scatter to safety before being squashed by the heavy metal canister. Some civilians walking by glanced over somewhat surprised given the hostile youth continued to cuss at seemingly everything and everything before suddenly turning his violent gaze upon a guy walking around with a... dog on his head? “The actual...?” Ace's full eyebrows began to twitch in annoyance, as did his fingers which felt the need to grab a rock and sent that makeshift-fur hat flying off into the abyss. What was up with these Inuzuka anyway? Like dogs? Really? Ace never remembered seeing any of them in action but couldn't imagine anything noteworthy. The Hyuga sighed in frustration and shook his head while following after the other from a suspicious distance; only glancing ever so often. Before finally ending up at a river some minutes after the Inuzuka. Ace didn't waste much time now they were pretty much alone. Standing in between the boy sitting at the tree and the sun so that his shadow fell over the other. His threat immediate, uncalled for, and backed up by a wicked smile? “Aren't you just a dog yourself?”, before crouching into a punch aimed to slam down into the Inuzuka's forehead. If it missed, the force chakra that accompanied the blow would become evident as the bark of the tree trunk was left cracked in a football-sized circle of impact, without it actually hitting the trunk; his fist stopping several inches before actual physical contact with the tree. Whatever this guy was using was no ordinary means of the gentle first. But it was made clear which clan he hailed from due to the veins buldging around his eyes that suddenly turned white. “Byakugan.”

SokeKujo: Yaban was minding his business, he was seated watching Kotashi play with water. Though as stated he always kept his guard up. In fact when he was walking here, he felt like someone was watching him, looking back a few times before reaching the river which ended up revealing no one. Though that uneasy feeling in of itself, was enough to keep Yaban on his toes at all times. Kotashi being some distance, but mostly near the shore of the river would still be within range to notice anything funny. In fact Kotashi’s sense of smell had picked up on someone else when they reached out here, but he just played it off as he thought Yaban noticed, after all Yaban was watching his back for some reason during their transition here. This gave Kotashi enough reason to keep his own guard up, which is why he played near the shore of the river. With the new figure coming to light and talking, Kotashi would be the first to notice before his speech. He had turned just at the right time to notice him near Yaban. The other individual would talk and simply insulted Yaban which slightly annoyed him. The moment he made that comment Yaban knew he wasn’t here to be friends. Yaban could just feel his skin itching as this boy meant business to a certain extent. Keeping his guard up, Yaban noticed the swift crouch he performed, in that moment Yaban wasted no time, tilting his bodies weight towards the right side. When doing so his body would aim to lay sideways on the ground, but instead of staying in that position as he did this to avoid the punch to his head, he followed and moved his left leg with swiftness. In that second his left leg would swing forward with not much momentum, but enough to completely throw Ace off balance. The aim of where the leg aimed to hit was his ankle/calve. Since Ace was crouched trying to punch Yaban he wouldn’t see this coming at all. Yaban didn’t really have time to respond to his comment as he surely would address it after he had gained a more comfortable position to continue this conflict. Had his sweep kick landed Ace would be on his ass as Kotashi stood at a distance, his canines showing themselves as he started to growl ferociously. If Ace heard it, he would be able to tell Kotashi already hated him and that things were about to get heated. Had his counter worked and saved him from being punched in the forehead, Yaban would follow with continuing that momentum and leaped off the ground by using his upper body strength to push off the ground. This being done after the sweep, as he turned his body to face the ground and pushed off it shortly after. By the time Yaban landed on the solid ground with both feet, Ace would more than likely be rising back up, had all these actions transpired, Yaban would finally respond to this loser and said “I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you are pitiful. Not to mention those stupid white eyes of yours annoy the fuck outta me.” Yaban had a potty mouth and it was surely going to show after today. If everything went down according to plan, Yaban would land next to Kotashi which was growling ready for combat, his distance from Ace being about 5-6 feet as he stood there, his brown eyes locked on the Hyuuga as he was heated up and ready to go now.

The Inuzuka had reacted more swiftly than the arrogant Hyuga had expected and before he know it he was sweeped off his feet. But instead of falling onto his ass he threw his legs up further and leaned down with his torso, planting one hand onto the ground for leverage before tilting over the other way to land on his feet albeit with a bruise on the side of his right ankle. There was a painful grimace which flashed over the bully’s features as he balled both fists and watched the pair standing one and a half yards away, the Byakugan taking in both their bodies, the unique looking dog standing on the right of its owner to Ace’s perspective as he could clearly their chakra network, and any fluctuations which may occur therein. One thing which was noted was that the dog had much more chakra than a normal pet dog, almost as if it was a shinobi? Still, Ace felt confident walking the short distance to the others almost casually, both fists still clenched at his sides as he cocked his neck left and right before suddenly snapping into action as he planted his foot down halfway his last step, unexpectedly and fast, while punching with one fist, his left, that’d stop half a ft in front of the dead center of the Inuzuka’s chest; apparently missing the target completely. But with the punch came a thrust of reddish chakra that propelled forth like a hand-sized shockwave of concussive force that aimed to slam into the other with enough force to slide him back on his feet for a yard of so and knock the air out of his lungs. If successful, Ace pushed off his rear foot for a quick gap-closer to only be inches apart from the pushed-back Inuzuka before he aimed to slam his forehead into that of the opponent and then aiming to grab him by the collar with one hand while aiming several poundings to the head with the other (right) that weren’t accompanied by any chakra thrusts, only by average genin strength and too much pent-up anger. “C’mon! Bark for me boy!” Unfortunately, this left Ace’s right side exposed to the Canine that surely wouldn’t sit by and watch if things had gotten this far.

SokeKujo: Yaban stood still he had dodged his opponents attack, but at the same time had counter, his opponent had regained his balance relatively quick. With both of them standing off against each other, Kotashi was ready to fight at a moments notice. Yaban stood there staring at the enemy trying to figure out what the hell was his problem. That's when something unexpected happened, the boy started walking casually forward. As he swung a fist forward and out of nowhere Yaban noticed a red chakra burst come from it. Not much he could do since the distance between the two was not much. His chest would be hit hard as a burning sensation would overcome him since he couldn’t breathe. He would be pushed back about a yard, following behind him was the same fellow who did this to him as he decided to actually head but him. But even during the struggle for breathe the Inuzuka pressed forth to force himself to make a next move without that break. Though it wasn’t really a counter, all he did was make a simple hand gesture which was cut short by the headbut. But Kotashi had noted the hand gesture and knew what to do. With Ace completely focused on Yaban and actually beating him up, Kotashi had the free chance to actually hit him. Ace then grabbed Yaban by his Collar and started whaling on him. Fist after fist as he was kept in place, the only reason Yaban wasn’t able to respond was because he was aired out and was desperately trying to catch a breath. But that's when Kotashi came to the rescue, during the Ace’s little rage, even with his byakugan he wouldn’t expect this as he disregarded the ninken even if he had the chakra level of a human. Kotashi easily started hustling and running towards the direction Ace was located. Doing so Kotashi jumped into the air and utilized his own chakra to literally spin viciously and towards Ace’s right side, specifically the side which Yaban was being beaten by. In seconds if Ace didn’t do something quick he would find himself being slammed by a powerful vicious cyclone like force from his right side. This would easily shred several parts of his skin and as well deliver many bruises, not to mention send him flying into the distance saving Yaban from any more harm. If this was successful the next person on the ground would be Ace, more than likely he would be in severe pain as he would of received lacerations from this attack. Tashi was very protective of his owner and the way Ace was man handling Yaban only triggered this response. Yaban had several swellings on his face as well as a part of his forehead was busted open dropping some blood. If Ace was off of Yaban, Yaban would come back to his feet a bit wobbly as his breathing had returned. He felt off but he was still surely up to continue fighting, though it would mostly be based off adrenaline. If Ace made indications of getting back up, Yaban would smile and as he pushed chakra throughout his whole body, this resulted in Yaban entering a more ‘savage’ fighting style as he ended up getting on all fours. His abilities had increased in terms of speed, senses, durability, and strength making him a force to be reckoned with. But he would only enter this form if Ace got back up from that blind side attack. His Byakugan might of been able to see it, but the question was did he have enough time to respond? If Ace was down or even if he got up and he entered this form, Yaban would say “You got some nerve pussy, now i'm really gonna whoop your ass.” He said this but remained in place ready to being the battle, all that could be said was that if Ace was in for a battle if he thought he was going to do that and get away.

Pound after relentless pound bashed into increasingly bruised skin and the cuts that have formed along with them, leaving Ace’s fists reddened from his own blood and that of the Inuzaka while his eyes were spread open wide, mouth twisted in a grin of malevolence, as if these were the moments wherein the crimson-haired teenager was really alive. “DO IT DOG! BARK FOR ME! HAHAHA.” There was something psychotic within his voice, a hunger only fed by the dismay of others that could never truly ‘fill’ the Hyuga heir who was on the brink of causing the downfall of his withered clan. But to Ace, this was normal. This was life. To follow the impulse however disgusted other might react to it. To him, this was the only way of being true to himself. Luckily the Genin didn’t have much physical strength to boot otherwise the results could have been far more disastrous before something suddenly smashed and tore into Ace with enough power to send him flying off while his body spun around as if cartwheeling involuntarily in midair. His Byakugan had noticed the build up of chakra within the Canine and the intentful charge that followed, but Ace, in his ‘bloodlust’, only had eyes for the Inuzuka’s swollen face. As such he was never able to react to the makeshift drill that left his right side bleeding from the many places where his clothing was torn and his skin was left cut open and bleeding. Ace’s white hues overtaken by surprise before he slammed into the ground, bruising his left hip and shoulder, and skidded a few yards before coming to a crouching halt on his forefeet and the hooked fingertips of his left hand digging through the dirt. “You filthy dogs….” With his red locks having fallen over his face, the Hyuga’s eyes and upper facial features were taken from sight. His mouth however, was still seen, and what it showed wasn’t pretty to behold. Teeth showing in menacing fashion, blood dripping from the lower lip, before letting loose a growl of such animalistic nature that the fierce Canine would surely notice. Which suddenly stopped, as if the boy switched personalities on the spot when his lips closed and formed a sickening smile that was followed by a deep chuckle of such vileness that it could almost be tasted in the air. He got up to his feet, spreading and closing the bloody fingers of his right hand which happened slower than normal. Aside from damaging his own knuckles, the Husky had left his arm bruised with such impact that the biceps were still screaming with pain and needed some time to recuperate. Which for a normal person might mean ‘take it easy.’ But not Ace. He didn’t waste a second in again walking forward at that same casual pace, his right arm loosely hanging at his side while the left raised and beckoned for the Inuzuka to ‘come and get it’, only then noting the shift in the opponents posture which had become much more feral. Furthermore, Ace, thanks to the Byakugan, could see that chakra was running to all of the Inuzuka’s limbs which meant that the change of stance wasn’t just for show.

SokeKujo: Yaban had been beaten across the face successfully, but it wasn’t anything that Yaban couldn’t shrug off. The beating he received was shortened regardless as his companion Kotashi came to the rescue in hitting Ace from the side. With Ace flying away from Yaban, Kotashi had ensured damage upon the enemy. Ace’s words earlier annoyed Yaban, but since he was being literally beaten, and was gasping for air it was near impossible for Yaban to respond. But once it was stopped, Yaban was going to ensure a response to his slurs and insults soon, once Yaban lifted to his feet and got into position, it seemed Ace had gotten back up. The chakra going through his body would have activated the Four legs technique. This increased his physical capabilities, along with his senses. So when ‘Ace’ had finally lifted from the ground Yaban let out a Wolf like Howl. This would easily echo between them as Kotashi did the same as a follow-up. Regardless of what Ace did, he was surely going to fail in comparison to Yaban when it came to speed now. The howling only happened shortly as Kotashi only followed up, he didn’t do it at the same time as Yaban. Though Kotashi would have landed about half of the distance he had sent Ace. In other words, Kotashi was in the middle of Yaban and Ace. When Ace made the implication to come, practically ‘teasing’ Yaban, he would soon more than likely end up regretting it. Though the Byakugan was a problem as it enhanced Ace’s perception, the problem was Ace more than likely would need the speed and body to react. That being said Yaban acted first and decided to make the first move. If it was any other normal individual, the speed at which Yaban was about to enter would be impossible to keep up with if not trained properly, or if the individual was leagues stronger than Yaban. But that was beside the point, Yaban had decided to move out and from doing so his body moved so quickly that his body would have seemed to ‘flicker.’ but it wasn’t as Yaban had easily moved with such speed and precision towards the right side. Kotashi would mirror Yaban’s movements as he ran left, with both Yaban and Tashi on the move, it would be hard for Ace to actually respond to their combined attack. Yaban was angry as hell and he wasn’t going to hold back on Ace, in fact, he was going to make him scream if he got him on the ground and unable to move. All Yaban had to do was beat him to the ground than making him remember who was the king in the jungle. That being said with their transition towards Ace, Yaban made the first move and entered a furious spin, to which Kotashi responded by doing the exact same. Both of which aimed to hit Ace from different angles. Kotashi was trying to hit Ace from his right side, and Yaban was trying to hit him from the upper left side. The angle was perfect enough to avoid both Kotashi and Yaban from actually clashing as Yaban went for the first move. This technique was known as Fang passing fang, which involves Yaban and Kotashi using the Jutsu. If Yaban’s part of the attack was successful, Ace would be hit from above, the attack particularly aiming to hit him diagonally against the shoulder blade. This was mostly to incapacitate him and shred his arm with the vicious drill-like attack he used. If it fully landed the chances of Ace being slammed into the ground and literally shredded would be highly possible as the force and momentum Yaban was moving at were high. If it did, Kotashi would follow and strike the other arm, particularly where he had been harmed already. This was an attempt to land almost triple the damage, but of course, this was a mere attempt. The question that remained was how would Ace respond to these two vicious attacks incoming? With a bruised ankle and a battered body, it was pretty hard for someone like Ace to have an actual response. If he did, Yaban would surely be impressed, but if not Yaban would feel no mercy of the pain he was inflicting. After all, Ace should have never tested a wolf raised an

He was fast… no. Not just fast. This was something else entirely. Ace’s Byakugan could see chakra flaring through the opponents limbs in that short moment where the Inuzuka made a turn to flank Ace; even the Dojutsu couldn’t properly keep up with that animalistic speed during the moments when the wolf-boy ran in a straight line. As such he was left with flickering images and guess-work, still less than an apprentice when it came to the usage of his Dojutsu. But that was all he needed to do something… something rather risky. The way he liked it. He stopped walking and spread his stance so there was half a yard of space between his feet as his left palm aligned in front of his solar plexus; fingers pointed up to the sky and the back of his thumb facing his chest as if in prayer using only one hand. A vile look on his face as both opponents came out of their turn in the shapes of spiralling drills of death and destruction that made the winds howl as loudly as they had before, but like before Ace gave no reaction other than that filthy smug look on his face. His eyes staring dead ahead into the nothingness while the Byakugan kept track of both the Inuzuka and his animal companion as they performed their technique. It wasn’t possible to discern exactly how much chakra was used by the enemy but Ace had a good idea regarding their trajectory and could see that their bodies made up these drills. He wasn’t as fast as the Inuzuka but he had the vision to prepare himself so that when the moment came his limbs were already in motion. Ace crouched and leaned into the right as a thrust of force shot out from all around his body, having crouched just before both drills would hit him, Yaban would be left flying overhead. Now the the range of the Inuzuka's spinning assault would still have torn through Ace were it not for the fact that the One Body Blow had send a vaguely reddish shockwave out from the Hyuga's body which held enough force to act as an invisible barrier between the Inuzuka and Ace which would actually push the Inuzuka upwards somewhat. At the same time, Ace's damaged side was leaning straight into the Animal that was also faced with the shockwave of chakra expanding from Ace's form. This couldn't stop the head-on drill but slowed it down a little before it'd break through and hit Ace, but not as intended. During that time where the One Body Blow slowed down the Dog, Ace's left palm, the inside of which was already facing Kotashi, had shot forward in a straight line made available thanks to the Byakugan which showed Ace exactly where the Dog's head was to go and smash straight onto the Canine's nose. Now the nose was one of the most sensitive parts of a Dog, which Ace, being a regular animal bully, knew all too well. And the fact that Ace's assault came paired with another release of red chakra such as when he knocked the air out of the Inuzuka's lungs without making physical contact. This time it'd be both the chakra and the physical palm strike, combining for a great deal of force that relentlessly aimed to crash into the Canine's nose with near-breaking force. With there only having minimal space, collision was sure to happen as Ace struck for the weak point of the Dog, which would be the weak point of the drill and forcefully bring it to a painful halt that still managed to leave the center of Ace's palm bleeding even though the Dog had been previously hampered by the one body blow, neither being pushed back. Then a flash of violence shot over the Hyuga's face as he used the brutal moment to swing his right arm around the Dog's neck and aim to choke it all the while he stood up; turning slightly to fully face the direction where the Inuzaka had landed/was headed. Even though his right arm was damaged, it formed an solid prison especially when his left arm pressed the right against his chest to tighten and intensify the choking effect on the Dog most likely still in screaming pain. “Give up. Or I'm breaking his neck. Or perhaps suffocation... Hmm. What will it be?” The psychotic look on Ace's face made it look like he enjoyed this even more than actual combat, this thing called mental torture. He then squeezed a bit tighter to make clear he wasn't bluffing.

SokeKujo: Everything happened so swiftly for Ace, Yaban and Kotashi had attempted to strike Ace from both sides, but somehow the boy had a response. In fact, Yaban was surprised, but with his drill-like movement, it was hard to see what was actually going on. This was one of the defects from this technique as later on it would be mastered, but right now it was going Yaban some trouble as he was still new to using it. But surprisingly Ace countered with an invisible force field which blocked Yaban and Kotashi from hitting Ace. Ace had then followed up to strike Kotashi on the nose which actually slowed his attack down, this gave him the chance to actually counter at least Kotashi. Though even during a time like this, this moment exactly was the moment Yaban needed. Since Ace’s mind was shifting to focus on grasping Kotashi, this might of meant his focus was a bit fuzzier than him focusing on blocking primarily. Though Ace’s counter had successfully ‘slightly’ pushed Yaban up, but it didn’t slow him down. This was because the boy was drilling through the air, so that alone made it a giant problem. Not to mention, Yaban was infused with the four-legged technique which made this attack that much more potent in ferocity. This attack was known to break through solid stone, so an attack like this would only serve useful for a few seconds before it would be broken through. Yaban noticed the collision and at that moment he pumped more chakra from his body and increased his speed. Ace wouldn’t have expected this as he would anticipate Yaban to stop for a second, but instead, he decided to be more aggressive with it. The second he had successfully placed his hand around Tashi’s neck, more than likely Yaban would break through his attack as his savage attack would more than likely go through and hit him straight on. His threat wouldn’t really get a chance to come out if this had successfully happened. This would more than likely result in the same damage as before, Ace would receive another savagely torn arm, along with him being grinded into the ground with pure ferocity. This would more than likely result in Kotashi being released as a cry could be heard on his end. His nose had been struck which was extremely sensitive to the pup. Yaban would continue to drill on Ace until he was completely done, if this was entirely successful, there would be no way Ace could get back up from that. Even so Yaban would stop after some time and stood over him looking down at Ace. He was angry, especially when he found out the condition of Tashi. If Ace was down and unable to continue fighting, Yaban would literally start to kick his side consistently with great force. This was a form of torture to make him learn his place as he picked the wrong guy to fuck with today. But this was purely dependent on Yaban’s attack landing successfully. It had surely stopped Yaban for sometime, even lifted him upwards slightly. But it only encouraged him to push hard and come down with more force. This would prove to Ace as a miscalculation as Yaban wasn’t going to hold back not even for a second.

Luckily the Byakugan was ever aware of what was happening around Ace in a 360 degree radius, as such he also noticed the build up of chakra in the Inuzuka who viciously drilled downwards diagonally; through the earlier produced shock wave. This led the Hyuga to act quickly and logically as his palm strike had connected and he wrapped his arm around the Dog's neck. Seeing what the opponent was doing led Ace to not only jump forwards, going with the direction of his previous lean, the moment he noticed the build up of chakra. Not only that, he added boost a thrust of chakra released from the soles of his feet to speed himself up with a quick burst of speed. The dash didn't take him further than two yards but that was all he needed. The Inuzuka would be left crashing into the ground after the outer part of the spiralling mass had left Ace's back covered in abrasions and shallow cuts before the Hyuga managed to fully clear himself from the danger. He came to a grinding halt and turned around repeating the earlier threat of murdering the Dog were the other not to surrender. With his arm locked around the dog's neck, and the other tightening the grip to near-breaking levels for the pup's bone structure which would've been far larger and stronger were the Dog matured, choking the poor animal with a tight grip. He then slowly walked closer to the Inuzuka. “As long as a dog relies on another dog, he will always be a weak dog.” And aimed to kick the Inuzuka straight in the stomach before following up with a low kick aimed to hit the side of the opponents ankle to sweep him off his one leg. And then following up with a final sideways kick to send the Inuzuka falling to the floor all the while, at any point, the slightest resistance in the opponent would lead Ace to instantly snap the Dog's neck. If the Inuzuka was sent down to the ground Ace would step right in front of him before turning to the river and throwing the Dog, by now most likely unconscious or at least starving for air. If the opponent would run after the Dog as expected, Ace would aim to trip him by hooking a leg which would send the Inuzuka falling flat on the ground moments before the dog would hit the water, adding insult to injury quite literally. Which would make saving the pup a race against time as Ace walked off bloodied and wickedly grinning. “I can't wait to see you again.”

SokeKujo: Yaban had missed his target and hit the ground with vicious force, since he was blinded by his savage enhancements, he hit the ground with a drilling impact that easily left a mark on the ground. But once he came out he realized what was actually going on as he stood in place silently listening to the ‘coward’ Ace truly was. Threatening to kill Yaban’s partner was a big no in his book, but for now there was nothing he could do but bite the bullet. Yaban heard this sick boy’s mind spill threw words as he mentioned that any move would involve the death of Kotashi. It was obvious Yaban’s attack was still successful to a large extent, but it had missed it's full impact to avoid this entire problem from happening. When Ace mentioned that a dog who relies on another dog is a weak dog, Yaban replied in a angry tone “Talks the coward using my companion to beat me.” Yaban was 100% right, Ace was a pathetic excuse for a shinobi and personally if it wasn’t for this predicament Yaban would of literally killed Ace without a second shred of emotion. But since Ace had gotten the upper hand on Yaban he had to sit there and take it. Then suddenly an impactful strike was landed on his abdomen as spit easily came out from his mouth. Yaban had endured the pain mostly thanks to his Four legged technique which increased his durability to that of a wild animal. In other words Yaban could take a beating before fully going down. Then followed the sweep along with a sideway kick to kick Yaban down. Ace then threw the starving for air Kotashi into the river which meant there was a limited time to save him. Yaban was on the ground, his body facing the ground would result in him still being in a somewhat all four position. Chakra would still be flowing through his body as he was just angry and in pain more than anything at this point. But with Kotashi in the river, Yaban gained a rush of strength that even the Hyuuga himself would find hard to understand. This was the strength of deperaty, the want to save a close friend. With Yaban getting back up and moving his position towards the river, with his instinct he noticed the insult the Hyuuga tried to add to him trying to save his partner. Sadly for him this was a mistake, you see Yaban being in this state enhanced his wild animal senses, making him more reliant on instinct than logic. The moment Yaban tripped, he span his body at a high speed which was close to the Hyuuga. This was his last utilization of passing fang, since it was close range more than likely Ace would suffer even more abrasions and cuts as he wouldn’t have much time to respond. This was the risk of being a smart ass and kicking someone down, Especially pushing someone to the point of desperately trying to save their loved one. It was up to Ace to stay around after this as right after Yaban had no real intention to fight him as his focus was getting into that river and saving his companion. If his passing fang at close range had successfully hit Ace, his leg only would receive several additional cuts, as Yaban continued in this state to land into the river where a giant splash of water would follow. He would instantly start looking around for Kotashi as he was mostly interested in saving him, Ace had the option of continuing to fuck with Yaban, but his condition wouldn’t make things in his favor, after all Yaban had several bruises, but Ace had several lacerations on his body. If Ace had decided to leave, Yaban would find Kotashi and would begin giving him CPR to actually help him. This would more than likely be successful, but all that could be said was Ace and Yaban were meant to be sworn enemies from this point on.

With his leg now also faced with several cuts and bruises, Ace flinched and took a step back while making a gesture of profanity at the Inuzuka’s back. “Tch. Luckily for you, dogs can swing.” And scowled the final insult while considering going after them and drowning their furred existence. But he couldn’t take that step closer. Not because he was too hurt, even though he was, bloodied and bruised, he didn’t move because he knew that the result wouldn’t be any different. Although he saw the chakra spreading throughout the opponent’s body more clearly before the last assault on his leg, Ace still didn’t have the time to react or counter. He needed to be faster, and come up with ways to defend himself against enemies who like him go on the full offensive. It seemed that the Inuzuka had perfected this technique as they maintained their defense all the while going on the offense. Ace had always rejected these parts of the gentle fist teaching because they were too passive for him. He wanted action that could inflict unsurmountable pain. To crash, smash, and destroy. To that end he now knew that he had a long ways to take the Brute Style and his own skill and utilization thereof. Ace’s grimace turned to one of depraved pleasure as the small dog was seen being saved, and then a wave of anger washed over him. On the way back to the Hyuga compound he had left four windows broken, one elderly person knocked over, and several people wondering how such a monster could’ve originated from the Hyuga. But they were glad to see the boy cut and bruised, sending their thanks up to whoever, seeing as they didn’t know, had inflicted those wounds to the brat.