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• 3/25/2018

Team Azure: A tale of Wonder (Part 1)

The Main Gate of Konoha, a bulwark, a bastion, that rested between the high walls which defended the capital city of Shinobi within the land of Fire. As per usual during this time of the day when most would feel their stomachs rumble for lunch, the gates were wide open to allow a steady stream of people both in and out while a group of Shinobi Guards double checked the identification of all faces unknown. Not box or bag of goods passed by unchecked by another group of guards standing outside the gates. Security was on a high. There wasn’t a sense of worry clinging to the air but something was afoot, that much would be clear to most. But they wouldn’t know much more. After all, Lord Hibiki and Lord Third had kept a tight lid on what was happening. Azure’s dark blue eyes looked at the largest building in the village, the Hokage’s headquarters. The deep ruby ring around his middle-finger gleamed in the sun as he hovered atop a floating pillow not far from the busy road passing through the Main Gate of Konoha.

He was surrounded by a group of excited children, and a few Academy students, who crawled under the floating pillow to see if Azure was really flying. He suddenly stared straight into the eyes of a little girl with three pigtails and chubby cheeks, making her freeze instantly from the intensity of the otherworldly depths within his eyes. “You!” He pointed a long and skinny index-finger at her. “Do you believe you can fly?!”.

She shivered and brought her fists up to her face while squeezing in uncertainty before suddenly shouting out with full conviction. “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!” At which Azure waved his hands around like a looney performance-magician and closed his eyes while aiming both open palms towards her. “You too.” He said in all seriousness, causing the girl to mimic his arms and hands while also closing her eyes and putting every last ounce of her intent into it.

“Open your eyes.” He said, as the by now larger crowd which also included curious adults, merchants and shinobi alike gazed up in wonder at the girl floating two yards from the ground who only then opened her eyes and screamed out in disbelief as she saw that she was actually flying. With Azure’s left hand now hidden under his long sleeve, none could see the tip of his index-finger moving around as she suddenly began flying whichever direction she leaned to. She couldn’t believe it, going up to 10 yards high before spinning around and circling back down, hovering in front of Azure again with pure joy spread over her face. “Thank you so much! Can I fly forever now?” She asked hopefully.

He extended a hand to ruffle her hair and smiled as he replied. “Unfortunately, I need to ask you to give that power back to me. I need it to be able to do my work you see?” The girl looked somewhat saddened but she nodded and looked up at him with determination before putting her arms out again. He did the same as they both huffed and puffed while putting in all of their intent as before and she slowly floated back to the ground. “Open your eyes.” He said again, at which she would see a large Chocolate frog floating in the air in front of her. “That’s yours. Find me in my Library after you reach your Academy graduation year. And I’ll start teaching you how to use this technique for yourself.” She smiled, overly excited and happy, and threw a fist up into the air while the whole crowd loudly cheered and clapped for her before slowly dispersing. Word of the unusual but ever kind Magician travelling with them as they left. Many residents knew of him, or had visited his peculiar premises for some form of knowledge or support, for he was, although Quirky and highly unorthodox, one of the brightest minds in the Leaf. And today he was here waiting for his Squad to assemble for the first time. Earlier today each of them would have received the following message written in glowing blue ink on their bedroom walls, as if someone had entered their house without being seen or heard.

“Find a leaf fallen from the great white tree. Bring a book, any book, and use the leaf to mark your favorite page. Bring a cloak, or make one, or buy one with the small amount of Ryo inside your left shoe. Make sure it’s warm enough to sleep in. Use the leftover, or all money, to buy the food you like best. But don’t eat it. Bring one personal item. And find me at the Main Gate of Konoha around Lunch time. Lastly. Bring a torch or candle if you are afraid of the dark. :)

Be met with Vivid, Inspiring, Imagination and Bliss
-Azure G’Hal Zatoshi”
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• 3/27/2018
Yaban was relaxed when he arrived on the scene, once he did he spoke to Tak which seemed somewhat similar to his demanding personality. She mentioned her name to which Yaban nodded in response, her question after kind of triggered Yaban, but he didn’t make a big deal about it as he replied to her “He isn’t just any dog, this right here is my companion, Kotashi. The reason for him being on my head is none of your business tuts.” Yaban followed and shrugged as he was known as a dickhead amongst the academy. Then came the other dude who asked if someone broke into their home, Yaban responded “Yeah, some dude drew on my fucking wall. It's gonna take weeks before that shit comes out.” Yaban’s speech pattern was uncensored and non forgiving as he personally spoke his mind regardless of how much profanity was amassed in his statement. Then the man himself, their sensei arrived and spoke to them. Yaban narrowed his eyes and listened to his way of talking. Yaban could already tell he was gonna struggle as this man was just to fancy for him. While Azure talked Yaban whispered to himself watching him talk “What the fuck?” Azure then mentioned their qualities to which Yaban snickered to himself “Got that right, I know I’m strong.” But then the explanation about how they needed to reach the Harbor in 15 minutes which was over 3 miles away came up. That's when Yaban gave an empty face expression annoyed as he noticed Azure flying away and leaving. This would result in Yaban, Prince, and Tak all alone to make a decision on reaching this Harbor. Yaban was going to take the initiative, but Tak had started things off. Yaban had animal like characteristics, so running a few miles wasn’t going to be an issue for him.

But before he could even say anything Tak had broken off into a sprint, he had no shortcuts in mind so he personally decided to follow her. With his movements being so sudden even Kotashi woke up and leaped off his head and decided to follow beside his teammates. Following Tak would result in them traveling through the forest as they reached a pond which they needed to get around. Personally, Yaban had decided to take the high grounds, mostly because he was backed up with Kotashi, whatever prince decided to do Yaban was for it. Yaban continued to jump from branch to branch, avoiding running into one. Tak would be fast, but Yaban’s feral like traits allowed him to keep up with very little effort. When Tak seemed to be dealing with an animal from the forest, Yaban zoomed past her as he was focused on continuing forward. He didn’t have time to waste on small fries like snakes and such. In fact, Yaban wasn’t going to stop unless an animal capable of giving him a run for his money was present. After running for several more miles and Tak had taken care of the viper, came the next somewhat challenge, it being a beagle sized bobcat which was running at Tak. But since Yaban was ahead and on a branch that meant that the bobcat would have to deal with Yaban first. Yaban easily followed up by pushing his chakra through his entire body. This gave him the right enhancement to counter this animal running towards Tak. Yaban didn’t even bother stopping as he used his momentum and personally began to spin rapidly at a vicious drilling state. Coming down a branch before hte bobcat reached Tak, Yaban and the bobcat would literally run into each other. The bobcat would be shredded and riddled in cuts, this would save Tak from wasting any time on it. Yaban didn’t kill the bobcat, but he had surely harmed it to being unable to follow them.

The moment the bobcat was taken care off, Yaban followed and regained his balance, doing so he followed and leaped back on the branch and continued traveling from above. Yaban never stopped progressing as eventually they would reach the half point, the smaller threats in the forest were taken care of easily, and Yaban felt confident about that. As they continued to move forward Yaban himself started to get to comfortable and felt like a leader for a second, he then called out to everyone “Stay close! We got this!” Kotashi was next to Yaban the entire time.
• 3/28/2018
After getting a rather vulgar greeting from one of his teammates about the home intrusion and writing on the walls, something he wasn't really used to, their sensei would appear and grab their attention with a loud clap. He seemed to be getting a good look at them as he decided to do a search through their bags whilst mumbling amongst himself. As he turned his attention back to the three he would formally introduce himself as Azure G'hal Zutosha the wizard, the only wizard in Konoha to be exact, as he explained how he would be overlooking them for the years to come seeing their development as shinobi happen. He would then tell them what he could see in each just by looking. Yaban being first as he explained he was strong and fierce, Prince himself being second explaining how he was just and unwavering, and lastly Tak explaining her independence and creativity.

Beforehand the magically whimsical fellow mentioned how they were to catch a boat and he explained how they only had 15 minutes to travel three miles. With that being said he flew off into the sky warning them of wild animals on their way to said harbor. Before he could even get a syllable out he would see Tak begin to make a break for it, Yaban following suit. "Better keep up!" he would say aloud as he took off behind Yaban grabbing his sack of belongings and whipping them back fastening the straps like a backpack.

Three miles would be a piece of cake compared to his father's training regiment so Prince would really not be fazed at all as his stamina and physical prowess was above average for most Genin his age. He would take off at a medium print catching up to Yaban meeting him to his side as he looked forward seeing them begin to enter a forest area with a pond not to far ahead as they began to run through the forest. Seeing Yaban take up through the trees seemed like a good idea keeping two up high and one on the ground would give them the element of surprise should Tak be greeted on the ground, the two could converge from above, so Prince followed Yaban's lead in doing so.

Jumping branch to branch like an acrobat swinging and jumping every other one to get a full body workout he would he see Yaban pick up the pace and seem to pull ahead of the two. Seeing this as a sort of competition he would turn up his pace as well forgetting about Tak below he would pursue past her as well. Being on the other side of Yaban he would catch up staring to the side Yaban was at seeing him collide with something hearing the sounds of tearing and faint yelps from a cat lile creature, Prince would stop and jump towards where last saw Yaban. Only seeing the battered bobcat and branches and leaves from the trees above rattling signalling he had gone back on hte trail.

"Savage guy he is... Glad he is on my side." Prince would say under his breathe giving a smirk as he would jump up to the branches he saw rattling from Yaban and follow his trail hearing him yell "Stay close!" from ahead and that is exactly what Prince would do as he caught up within two tree's of Yaban allowing him to take the lead on their journey through this forest, knowing they would reach the halfway point rather quickly.
• 3/31/2018
“They are already working together, I see a great future within these youths.”

Like a ghost, the invisible flying Sensei moved through the air not far to their side, flying fast while weaving past trunks and branches all the while keeping eyes on his students. There were two instances where he almost stepped in, such as with the snake and bobcat, but luckily he wasn't needed. These three were survivors. Unlike the typical academy students and Genin, they didn't wait for saving or being told what to do and functioned more along the lines of a Chuunin squad. At least in terms of mindset.

Satisfied with what he had seen, Azure took off to a higher altitude, all the while his scent had been masked by the very same jutsu that left him invisible so that the Inuzuka wouldn't have caught a whiff. He narrowed his sight on an opening in the forest about half a mile ahead that the trio would pass if they continued on their current route. Which meant that the Jounin had to act fast as he sped downwards not far from the aforementioned clearing, and but a minute later was seen flying through foliage while zig-zagging frantically as he only barely managed to dodge the fierce claws aiming to grab him, and rocks whizzing past his head, as he was chased by a group of twelve red Chimpanzees led by a 6ft brute who looked more like a gorilla in terms of muscle mass. Yaban would be able to get a whiff of the Jounin's scent during this time, as he wasn't hiding in camouflage, at least until reaching the center of the clearing.

He waited carefully for the chimps to catch up and surround him, seconds from finishing him off, before going invisible again and flying off to leave them angered and bewildered.

Around the neck of the Boss-Chimp hung a simple necklace with a unique leaf familiar to Prince; with the Genin's name written in Kanji upon its surface. The challenge would most likely be quite clear. One way or the other, this leaf had to be reclaimed from the small-hulk of a monkey surrounded by eleven, still-threatening, average chimps with sharp fangs and claws and pointy rocks they used as projectiles.

A small barrage of these projectiles would greet the Genin as/if they entered the clearing in the forest. Then the Boss-Chimp would smash its chest while howling and screeching in wicked anger. It wasn't very happy after a weird guy flying on a staff had just slapped it in the face before taunting it and leading it here.

Meanwhile Azure had flown back, under cover, to about 20 yards above the clearing where he could carefully see how his Genin would handle this. They didn't have more than 3-5 minutes to waste on this or they'd risk missing their boat. “Perhaps forcing them upon the Redclaw tribe is a bit much to start with.... Hmm. Time will tell.” Smirked the Wizard as he mused to himself and kept ready to intervene at any time. His left-hand fingers spread out in an unorthodox-looking gesture.
• 3/31/2018
For a good ninety seconds, Tak was on cruise control, letting the boys run ahead of her. At one point, she was considering if she should join them up in the trees but she decided against it for two reasons. One, she had a better vantage point of being able to see what occurred down here, and two, while she was plenty agile to do it, she knew she could run faster than she could climb and hurdle and not tire herself out. At least up there too, they'd have the element of surprise if Tak were to be attacked on ground level, or them up in the trees. Even still, she picked up her pace increasingly so that she could at least still see Prince and Yaban. Her surroundings were quickly passing her by but she kept her senses sharp to account for whatever creature or obstacle might cross her path next.

Right around the halfway point, they were coming upon a clearing, which depending on how fast they were going, the boys might have past but Tak did not. She was starting to slow down, debating now if she could take to the trees. That was when she saw Zutoshi reappear and went flying past a raging mob of monkeys. Chimps to be exact.....fuck. They were about six yards away and it seemed like they had at least that much more on the other side. Tak was under the impression that they had perhaps three minutes at best to address this issue since even if they didn't take something, she wasn't sure if they were vicious enough to ensue them all. She tried to see if their wizard jounin was being attacked but it seemed he'd just barely gotten away. The monkeys had red fur and looked pretty aggressive, but there was one that towered over them all. It seemed their leader was this six-foot gorilla that was wearing...


Tak saw it almost exactly as the chimps would undoubtedly turn their attention toward her now. Rubbing her hands together, Tak hoisted herself into a backward arc toward the nearest tree ducking in and out of any projectile stones. Once she had reached one, she turned and ran at it. As taught to her in the academy, Tak tried redirecting her chakra to the bottoms of her feet before running up its trunk. That in itself caused a static friction along her limbs and little plinks of it tickled her feet while they tacked onto the bark of the large black pine tree. Digging her heels into the trunk, Tak quickly bolted up the tree and into its canopy, vaulting herself onto a nest of branches. If any of the chimpanzees tried to pursue her up the tree, Tak would try swatting them away with her giant sharpened senbon, stabbing at their eyes to blind them and their hands and fingers to cripple their dexterity. It was a risk she'd have to take, but there was only one of her, twelve of them, and way too much open ground for them to exploit.

So if she was able to get that far, Tak hurdled her way over to the boys by leaping from branch to branch. On her way over, she tried to think as fast as she could. What could they use against these apes? Personally, Tak had dick in terms of jutsu, and preferably wanted to conserve her chakra as much as possible. But it soon hit her, and though it was more of a hunch than anything else, it was worth a shot. One tree away from the boys, Tak stopped long enough to rip two smaller sticks from the limb of a camphor tree branch. Armed with those, she kept running to catch up with Yaban and Prince. Hopefully they had either ceased in their running because they saw the chimps or they heard her coming, but even if they didn't, once she was within earshot of at least one of them, she called out. "Necklace....big gorilla!" Tak exclaimed while closing the remaining gap between them.

From their bird's eye vantage point they had, she pointed with her sword-senbon at the group of chimps, pinpointing the big one. On the ground, she was able to catch a glimpse of the necklace but whose name was on it was beyond her. In the trees, however, she could just barely make out the kanji arrangement to know it wasn't her own name, and Yaban's kanji was likely too long. "I think it's yours." Tak glanced at Prince while ripping a large clustering branch of pine needles and cones from the smaller Black Pine tree she was in. "I could start a fire....keep them busy with it while you try. Or...clothesline." Tak turned her hip to show the large spool of wire that hung there while she hooked her senbon under her arm. If either of them had a better idea, Tak would hear them out but if not, and they decided to bait the monkeys with fire, it should be noted that she'd need at least one whole minute to ignite a fire. While she let them process things if they had not already been doing so, Tak positioned herself under the highest gap between the bottom branch and overhanging ones.
• 4/1/2018
Yaban was on fire! He was feeling himself, his body was ready for action as bodying that bobcat felt great on his head. As they continued to travel, his nose gained a whiff of their sensei as not only that Kotashi barked lightly. Yaban still had his four-legged technique active which gave him several boosts. In a sense, he might have continued getting further ahead at times, but he tried his best to stay with his squad. But when the whiff of their sensei was caught he mentioned it instantly as they were closing in on the opening it seemed. “Wizard dude is ahead of us?” He mentioned in a confused state as he continued to leap from branch to branch avoiding any mistake. This team was truly working as a unit and soon it would prove more apparent. He also caught the whiff of something following him, it smelled musty above all as Yaban said “Something is following him… no several things are?” Yaban couldn’t tell as his senses weren’t that refined, but he could at least tell by scent that there was more than one ‘thing’ following the wizard as the smell mixed with his when received by Yaban. This would easily be able to give everyone a heads up before going heads into the area. But instead, he simply decided to go headstrong first. He didn’t care about what the threat was, he was confident in his ability to shred his opponents with relative ease especially with his enhancements of the Four-legged Technique. All he could truly say before going in head first was “Back me up! Drop some smokes!” He didn’t care who the fuck did it, but if someone from his team followed his order, the likelihood of Yaban being able to shred all these chimps in one go was high.

This was mostly because the clan was known for their hit and run tactic which makes it near impossible for the enemy to respond. With that Yaban followed and nodded to Kotashi as both went forward and cleared the path for their team, they easily used the Fang passing fang technique, this caused both Kotashi and Yaban to rotate at a violent speed which in result would be strong enough to break through solid rock. This would easily destroy all the projectiles as Tak would not need to take cover for anything. Yaban was the primary example of a head-first attacker as he served the role best in all reality. This would result in Yaban continuing forward and proceeded to attack the chimps with this attack. Beginning with a straight-lined attack to shred any chimp in the way, then followed with attacks from multiple angles at a high speed. If someone had followed his order and thrown the smoke bomb this would have assured all of the chimps being unable to react to his attack as the smoke bomb made it so they couldn’t see where the attack would be coming from. Regardless, the sheer speed and movement behind these moves would be hard to stop regardless.

But overall Yaban served as a shield from Projectiles so Tak nor Prince needed to worry about that, he simply followed to attack and if successful this would take out several Chimps in a swift motion. But if possible Yaban went to the body all of them at this moment and if the smoke was used, it would prove highly likely. But if anything Tak and Prince would need to improvise in a way to actually help Yaban as right during the four-legged technique he became more ferocious and brash, so in a sense, if things went wrong they both needed to be the brain in dealing with this issue.
• 4/1/2018
Prince would see a Yaban's movements begin to change as he seemed to pick up on something. He would mention the wizard fellow being ahead of him and how several entities were following. After spouting this out he would watch Yaban pick up a head of steam and Prince would not let him go alone and have all the fun, so he followed up behind him as a support to whatever they should encounter.

Just as they seemed to hit the clearing he would hear Yaban yell to drop some smoke bombs but sadly prince had nothing of the sort. That however did not stop his canine like teammate and his companion from diving in head first watching them almost combine in unison as they began to rotate ferociously towards what looked to be a savage group of monkeys that were throwing rocks in bunches.

Wasting no time Prince would yell out to Yaban "I GOT YOUR FLANK DISTRACT THEM I SEE THE REAL PROBLEM IN THE BACK!" he would yell ahead hoping his newly found teammate would hear so this could all go according to plan. Prince would zig and zag behind Yaban and Kotashi as they ripped forward seeming to drill through every projectile the smaller chimps would throw. Prince however knew once Yaban and his companion would drill through the front line he would have to make a move on the larger monkey in the back.

Thinking quick on his feet Prince got the idea to pull the food his mother had packed him in his sack and use it as a distraction of sorts for the bigger primate, seeing as his primal instincts would more than likely kick in at the sight and smell of food. Prince would whip his sack around quickly and reach his hand in grabbing the soft wrapping of cheese cloth that held his food quickly and whipped the sack right back around.

As he watched Yaban drill through the center of the pack of chimps he would then make his move as he quickly untied the cloth revealing a delicous looking barbeque style chicken breasts with a mouthwatering mound of fried rice with just the right amount of egg and chives mixed in just to Prince's liking. Prince would throw this directly over the tall chimp as it landed behind him the smell and sight of this would more than likely catch the overgrown chimp's short attention span and buy him some time.

Should the chimp turn around for the delicious treat Prince would yell for Yaban to split and take a running jump forward grasping his pair trustee nunchaku around his neck before baseball sliding between the chimp's legs swinging the weapons upward hitting him directly in his exposed testicles. Following this he would kick up making his body come up off the ground as the chimp would more than likely bend over in pain and deliver a jaw crunching kick to his jaw upward.

Following this Prince would fling himself back using the upward momentum he had wrapping his legs, which have leg weights, around the chimps neck as hard as possible and swing himself grusomely to the right with all his momentum which would lead to a loud snap breaking his neck and ending its miserable life.
• 4/2/2018
The battle began! And what a battle it was. With the Inuzuka speeding ahead like a makeshift tornade pointed straight at the howling apes chucking stones, their attempts were seen shattered and scattered throughout the open space in the forest. These monkey only growing angrier as the roaring Boss-Chimp behind them never them room to experience fear. He actually grabbed one of his little underlings and threw himi at Yaban like a projectile only for the Monkey to bounce off the human drill and fly off through the trees towards Tak; possibly crashing into her.

Meanwhilel Yaban continued to carve a path through the Monkeys that charged forward in small waves, finally creating an opening for the zig-zagging Prince to cut through in order to get to the big boss and put an end to this. First throwing a home-made lunch up and over the chest beating monster who suddenly turned to an overly excited monkey who turned to sniff at the deliciously smelling food while wigging its big butt around. It was just about to take that first delicious bite before its face contorted with an expression of pain only known to the male side of our population. Those sweaty orbs of reproduction squashed to a painful pulp before a swift leg-grab, choke and CRACK, left a dead corpse falling down on the group with comedical crossed out eyes.

The last of the monkeys had been torn down by the Inuzuka who was forced to chase them after their leader fell and they scattered, but none of them made it out alive. The clearing in the forest scattered with limp and dead bodies of these many primates. This left the invisible Azure in a state of bewilderment. For them to have dealt with this so quickly was trumping his expectations. At first he had worried greatly, taking Genin on what would be such a dangerous mission. But it seemed like these guys would prove more of an aid than a liability.
They would hear his voice even if they did not see or smell him, and it came from high above those who stood in the clearing.

“You have unknowingly finished a C-Rank mission by taking out this Animal plague. The specific breed of Kuryuki Chimpanzees you have just vanquished invaded this territory after escaping a circus troupe not too long ago. The biggest chimp was their main attraction and treated horribly. But alas. He couldn't be allowed to continue being a danger to those who travel through here, nor to the natural order of our forests.”

Personally, Azure did not approve of killing whenever there were other means of accomplishing things. But he wasn't here for his personal interests, he was here as a Jounin and Sensei who upheld the Shinobi Code. And he would rather have them kill a threat to their lives, than leave themselves open while thinking of another way. Then again, it was up to him to have them see that there were indeed other ways brute force could be used.

He smiled, unseen, and suddenly popped back into vision between Prince and Yaban.

“Congratulations. It seems like Prince has reclaimed his tag. This means that there are two more tags for you guys to find. The next will be on the boat. Seeing as we are more pressed for time than originally assumed, I'll help you guys get there a bit faster.”
Flying on his staff at a speed they could keep up to, occasionally looked back at them with a smile as they carved through this dense section of the forest in such a way that it seemed Azure had been here before. He flew through openings beneath groots growing out of the ground, under partially fallen trunks, barrel rolled through several means of obstruction unscathed while corkscrewing; one hand holding onto his hat that nearly flew off on multiple occasions. For them to follow they would have to jump, climb bark, even smash/crouch through openings too small to simple walk through, all before finally ending beside Azure on the cliff of a hill overlooking a beautiful harbor where one large ship was currently hoisting up sails.

One last sprint would see them down to get on board in the nick of time.

(Session ends after your last posts. The next session begins with all us on the boat.)
• 4/2/2018
...Or not. With Yaban having taken the lead since at least a few minutes ago, he called it first with sensing their Jounin being stalked and possibly attacked. That in itself would change her course of action, so rather than running up into the trees, Tak kept running but slowed in her progression while Yaban spearheaded their offense. While she didn't have any smoke bombs, she would still back him up and use her senbon to make things harder for the chimps. She pulled out four, all of which were the length and thickness of a pencil.

Once she got them out,Tak sped back up again with her sprinting and got the first senbon ready. With winding her arm back, she took aim for the first chimp she'd spotted, aiming for the middle of its head. It seemed that while Yaban had ferocious aggression and Prince a quick wit, Tak had her brute strength that she knew how to use. Her precision may not have been dead on, but the power she put behind these needles coupled with the speed of her run would have given them the stopping power they needed. One by one, she was taking heads of chimps to at least keep them distracted long enough for Yaban to physically take down. As she finally closed the distance to the area, Tak skimmed clear of the Inuzuka's playground to target the big kahuna. Prince seemed to have that covered as he sacrificed his lunch to keep it busy. She used her other two senbon to vault into the skulls of the chimps and just as Tak was about to use her giant one to take on the gorilla, Prince seemed to have made short work of it.

It wasn't long before Zutoshi reappeared to praise the boys, at which point she pulled her needles out of skulls before taking off again. Tak followed at a run that occasionally became a sprint. With hurdling over fallen logs,kicking through rotted bark and bear crawling under caved in structures, Tak was making good time at the rear. Before she knew it, the four of them were at the precipice of a climb beneath which was a hill and at the end was their ride. Taking a small inhale, Tak sprinted the rest of the way to the boat.
• 4/3/2018
Yaban had literally ripped through all the enemies, making a complete path along with Kotashi, this gave anyone a chance to follow behind and strike at the boss. That was exactly what Prince did as he followed up behind Yaban and Kotashi zig-zagging quickly as he arrived by the giant ape and took him head-on. The smell of food hit the air and Yaban had witnessed it, but his vicious nature allowed him to continue ripping apart the other chimps. Obviously with some help from Tak, eventually the trio was able to successfully take down all the chimps. After this was successfully accomplished, Yaban, Tak, and Prince needed to reunite and get back on track instantly. From somewhere in the wind, Yaban surely heard Azure speak to them, mentioning that they had finished a C rank mission unintentionally. Yaban became instantly fired up as he clenched his fist taking the actual pose of it. Everyone was fully annihilated and all that was left were nothing but corpses of chimps. Once they did, a voice became apparent once again, Yaban heard it as the whiff and smell of his sensei became close, almost as if he was directly behind him. In a second, Yaban turned and noticed the fact he was indeed behind him, to be exact between him and prince in particular.

He congratulated them and mentioned how they had completed the first part of their task, getting the actual tag for Prince as now they needed to get 2 more. Yaban simply smirked with excitement replying “Don’t sweat it sensei, with this squad there's nothing that can stop us!” as he was ready to keep going, he then heard their sensei mention they were pressed for time as he got on his staff and actually took off telling the trio to follow him. Yaban easily nodded and continued using the Four-legged technique as this allowed him to easily keep up with his sensei. Doing this made him a little wilder, but he was surely having fun as he traveled at a high speed to keep up with Azure-sensei. Taking several cuts and loops through the dense forest, they would eventually reach the cliffside of a hill to which showed the harbor in the distance. The view was simply breathtaking as Yaban simply dashed forward without everyone, he personally was fired up to continue as he leaped upwards yelling out “YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” For some reason as he followed up doing acrobatics that surely looked cool before landing on all fours again.

Yaban was in a great mood as he simply was glad to have a team as successful as this if things were truly the way they seemed Yaban felt that this team would be the next great three! Who knew maybe he would be the main show! There went his ego again as Yaban was the type to think highly of himself and take lead from time to time. This made him the taking an initiative to lead type, meaning he had some features of being a true leader to his squad. But obviously, he was still a rookie and need work, after all, Azure was here to be their sensei, not Yaban. Kotashi had remained by his side the entire time as he followed behind Yaban even during the transition over here. This was surely a good work out as now Yaban and Kotashi were drained of energy. Yaban would revert to his normal form and got back on two feet as he yawned lightly and stretched a bit. He then said to his squad as he stood by them the entire time “I’m getting sleepy, let's find a place where I can rest up amigos.” A large grin on his face with an exhausted face expression carried.
• 4/5/2018
After feeling the brutal snap of the large chimps neck and limp feeling of his body beginning to collapse Prince would release his grip and shoot his body to the side and catch his footing sliding a few feet once he landed. He would look around to see the many corpses of the primates scattered all about as he watched Yaban exterminate what was left. After the last of the chimps was dealt with Yaban would come out of his spinning rage with Kotashi as all three Genin would stop at the sound of their Jonin speaking from above.

Prince would look up but the sunlight would be a bit much to bear on his eyes and he chose to just listen to their sensei tell them that they had unknowingly finished a C-rank mission by taking these chimps out. This brought a bit of satisfaction to Prince his confidence grew by second hearing this, but after hearing of the state in which the chimps had made their way into the wild he couldn't help but feel a slight sense of guilt knowing there were other ways of dealing with this problem.

But he knew the time constraints they were on and the threat that these chimps had waged upon his new friends and himself, if there was one thing his father had taught him through their brutal training it was to take one's life to save that of a loved one or yourself and he had killed the first thing in his life somewhat similar to a human. None the less he would shake it off quickly he would hear his sensei say that he had reclaimed his tag looking down at the dead chimp commander he would see the white leaf he had in his book hooked to a necklace around the chimp's neck.

Prince would grab it and rip from the dead primate's neck and put it in his pocket as he quickly turned his attention back to his sensei's voice listening to him explain howhe would help them get there faster as he came into view and began his way through the forest in a rapid manner. Prince would quickly follow Tak, Yaban, and Azure sensei's lead. The trio would run rapidly through this dense forest climbing tree's ducking branches and uprooted roots for a dew minutes before finding themselves at the top of cliff overseeing the harbor they had worked so hard to reach as they saw their boat with its sails beginning to be hoisted.

Prince would hear Yaban talk about getting a place to rest and reply with his own response "You and me both brother!" he would say as he nudged Yaban in a playful way as the group made their final sprint to the boat making it just in time.
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