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• 3/25/2018

Team Taigen... UNITE!

After the Graduation ceremony Jobin would announce the Genin that would be assigned to each team and luckily Taigen paid enough attention to pair the names he was assigned to faces that they belonged to. "Saburō, Isamu, and Ace..." he kept repeating under his breathe until he saw the first one. Greeting each Genin kindly and shaking the hands of their parents giving the new shinobi instructions to meet him at the village gate in 2 days time, giving them enough time to enjoy their freedom from the academy, at noon flat not a minute later.

Fast forward two days:

Waking himself rather early, 7 am to be exact, Taigen would do his morning routine: showering, brushing his teeth, and lastly getting dressed. He would then make his way downstairs where his furry companion Gracie (a large great dane) would turn the corner as soon as she heard footsteps on the stairs and nearly knock him on his ass. "Well good morning to you too sweet girl!" he would say to her as he caught his balance back before tumbling over giving her a big hug and kisses before instructing her to get down.

Instead of making his way to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee he decided to head into town for a few cups and shoot the shit with the old timers while he waited for the time of the meetup with his new squad to be near. He seemed to lose track of time listening to old shinobi stories about the bloody wars of the past, 5 cups of coffee later Taigen would look at the clock on the wall and see it was only 45 minutes until his meetup with his newly assigned squad. "Well shit old timers looks like I gotta go, thanks for keeping me company!" he would say as he pounded his fist on the table and popped up out of his chair nodding his head to the old timers smiling down at them. "WAITRESS!" he would yell "All of their stuff is on me!" he would yell lastly leaving a generous 100 ryu on the table as he made his way out of the small diner.

Taigen would arrive at the gate at exactly 11:35 leaning against the front gate "Now we wait..." He said to himself as he pulled a pack of smokes out and pulled a single cigarette out and a match to light it, putting them back in his pocket after. Folding his arms while taking slow drags off the cigarette, blowing the smoke out of the corner of his mouth even slower, he would look into the city awaiting the sight of his first student to show.

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• 3/26/2018
There was something really cathartic about watching Ace get kicked into the ground, almost reactively Saburō's fingers danced about the handle of his Kanabō as if toying with the idea to get a shot in while Ace was down.

Saburō didn't care of the nature of the apology, all he wanted was a simple "sorry". When Ace finally gave that to him, Saburō's expression change as he took a deep breath before suddenly going back to his bubbly and positive demeanor.

"Thanks, Ace, I'm glad we're on the same page! Now if we could only get on the same level!"

Saburō gave off a cheesy laugh, watching in wait of Taigen letting the dunce up from the ground as he swung his Kanabō back over his shoulder. The last comment he made against the entire group, Saburō didn't so much as murmur a word because he had faith in his teacher to quickly put Ace back in his place.

If not though, Saburō would simply remind Ace.

"You shouldn't call people rude things, especially your friends, buddy."

It was such a playful jeer meant for Ace, but lord knows what would happen if Ace simply chose to ignore what Saburō said. Once everything had settled, and with nothing to contribute Saburō turned back to Taigen and asked.

"What are we doing today, Mr– sorry, Sensei?"
• 3/26/2018
Faint in her smile—She didn’t expect him to be so easily friendly with her. Considering her luck with the children her age, this was such a relief to experience with no aggression in the greeting offered as he placed a hand upon her dainty shoulder. “Y-Yeah… That’s okay.” She attempted to answer Saburō, expressing no hard feelings about the mix up and it was true, she did have a masculine too! As she attempted to speak to him, her ebony hues were looking to Ace, this was bad and she didn’t expect anything good as his lips parted with nothing more than insults aimed against Saburō.

Cupping a single hand over her mouth and beneath her chin, she stepped backwards as her hues narrowed—She didn’t approve of the situation and wanted a bit of distance, she seemed to be redrawing. Taigen had to put his foot down. Quite literally, upon Ace… Fading into the background, her expression hidden as her thoughts started to wander and like a seed, it rooted into a thousand questions seeking an answer.

She’d be the last one to admit that she felt some way about the Hyūga, hatred would be too far and dislike wouldn’t simply define her indifference—Distance was the best for attempting studied. Was he truly rotten to his core? Or was this just something to mask it? Those sweet words of wisdom stated looked beyond the cover of the book… And she was too considerate and compassionate to be such a narrow soul. Blessed by her name’s meaning, there was some truth to it. How does one understand such a troublesome soul..? If she could be so honest, if she had been narrowed and obeyed what everyone said, she wouldn’t have made friends with Yaban and Kotashi. Ugh. She was going to regret this.

Narrowing her hues, for a moment, she swore she happened to catch something—It couldn’t been. Somewhere within his apology and his expressions… No.. It couldn’t… What did a spoiled girl like her know? Her head did raise a bit when the Hyūga looked to her with something to say, but he merely hummed instead. She had nothing to really say. Shaking her head, she attempted to place a smile upon her lips and it was still a faint one, as her hands dropped to her sides. At least the boy didn’t get hurt and it seemed Saburō was now calming. So. She looked to their sensei.
• 3/28/2018
Watching the boy wiggle and gasp on the ground made Taigen feel like just an ounce.. a tiny ounce of justice was served. Ace would then ask if he would even believe his apology, "I believe you until you give a me a reason not to kid." he would say to Ace as the boy relunctantly apologise. He would begin to to struggle to try and get up asking Taigen if he would "move already" and Taigen seeing that he already got what he wanted out of the boy lifted his foot allowing the Hyuga to come back to his feet.

As he apologised Taigen would notice a change in Saburo's demeanor as well as a sense of calmness took the boy over once again as he thanked Ace for the needed apology, even if it was forced out of him, before tellin him he should get on the same page and not to call people rude things especially his friends. While this was going on Taigen would look at the Uchiha girl as she seemed to be quiet through this whole debacle wondering what her stance was Saburo would ask what he had planned for his newly found team.

Taigen would firmly grasp Ace's head and ruffle his hair in a friendly manner as he began to explain what he had planned. "I was going to have us give each other detailed introductions but seeing as we have gotten more than acquainted I think a team building exercise would suit us better." he would explain as he looked outside the gate to get an idea of what a thought flickered into his head sort of like a light bulb in a comic strip. "We are going to have a race of sorts through that entry into the forest. There is an abandoned cabin sitting a mile and a half in, whoever makes it there and enters through the front door first will be rewarded with whatever restaurant they would like to go to for dinner afterward all expenses on me.

"Talk amongst yourselves or get to going now, it is up to you." He would tell the three younglings as he smiled, activating his lightning release chakra mode at its lowest power. He would then turn and take a step and take of like a bolt of lightning leaving a trail in the earth as small sparks of electricity flickered within the grooves fading away after a few seconds. As he reached midway through the forest he would deactivate his chakra mode and ready himself above in one of the tree's to watch and maybe have some fun with his new students. "Ace has the visual prowess to warn his teammates of anything coming their way, Saburo has the strength to deal with anything they encounter, and Isamu seems to have the brains of the operation. Let's see if they pass or fail by helping each other or letting their teammates fail to win ." he would say as he awaited them to enter the forest for race for a feast.

(Be ready for obstacles, just because you have read there are obstacles do not meta game you know about said traps or encounters keep it real to your character's knowledge and good luck!")
• 3/31/2018
Tilting her head an inch to the right—A race…? She questioned that.

Aside from the tilt of her head, the raise of her right hand to grace a few fingers over her mouth as her body turned to look at the path into the forest—There was nothing. She didn’t seem excited about the restaurant and the fact he would pay in full for it, why would she? She had a modest and perfect lifestyle, she could get what she wanted, when she wanted and even with such being the case. There was a bit of excitement mixed with weariness, if she could call it such. “A mile to another half…” She murmured these words to herself. She didn’t like the thought of going that far from her village, along with that far from her own home and she wasn’t going to PRETEND to think otherwise—There was something about this. But the childish nature within her body, regardless of an instinctual feelings. Was it a dislike..? Or was it a fear..? Now. Due to being assumed a fear. The best way to get over a fear is to explore and understand it. It makes the unknown a lot easier to take in! Something like that on terms of her father’s wisdom.

Turning her body to face her teammate, with her doing so, she caught the last bit of what their sensei had to say before, a strong and bold wind caused hair to shift in a blowing dance from her right—Taigen disappeared. Leaving Saburō, Ace and herself, just lovely and without a doubt, there would’ve been an awkward silence and without a doubt, now that Taigen was gone. She didn’t want to engage in conversation. She believed that’ll cause an issue. But.. What was there to talk about? Nothing. The worst she thought to expect was some wild animals and if she thought about more, if she wanted to burn through all her chakra with a body flicker… But… Like.. It was a forest.. She could run into a tree or trip over a stick. And. Patience seemed to work the best in most situation. It was a race. Yes. But she considered Saburō and Ace. Ace seemed to be the type to get attacked by a pack of wolves. Saburō didn’t seem to type to be too illogical. If worse came to worse. She’ll cross those bridges.

“Let’s get going!” She said with a chirp. As soon as she completed her turn to face them. Those words left her lips as she clapped her hands together and turned her backs to them—Proceeding to walk through the path. Now. She didn’t expect traps or obstacles. Only the hinder of her teammates playing dog over first place, they were free to run by her. As she planned to walk. Her eyes scanning for things like wild animals, such as bears or like.. A fucking tiger. You know. A saber tooth tiger. Because. That’s a thing it seems. She’d also make note of her teammates what how they took to this. Allowing them to pass her for another reason. What was she suppose to expect?

A hopeful. Peaceful. Mile and a half walk.
• 3/31/2018
After grumbling as his hair was being ruffled, Ace brushed his hands through the locks to refashion the rebellious locks before looking over at the entrance of that forest where they were going to jump into a team building exercise. The prospect of having to go into that bug-infested land of greenery while having to work with these 'cats' did little to stop the young troublemaker from groaning in frustration. At least. Until he heard the word race at which his eyes began to light up a little while a sinister smile spread over the lower half of his face. Rubbing his hands together like a little villain he took a moment to think about how this could be disturbingly interesting before turning back to the forest only to see that damn Uchiha girl had already to begin walking. How dared she? Turn her back to them while just going to claim the victory like that? Now of course, by the pace she was going it was unlikely that she was trying to claim victory by herself, but the young Hyuga felt like someone was trying to pull ahead of him and went ballistic as he ran after her without even activating the Byakugan, and jumped up from behind her to aim and plant one foot down on top of her head in order to use it as a step towards a branch hanging several yards above her that he'd then jump to, grab, swing around like an acrobat, before slinging himself ahead and landing on the ground 10 yards in front of the Uchiha. He looked over his shoulder, wiggled his eyebrows as if to say “Cy@” and began sprinting off alone while laughing out loud as if he had already won. Not thinking it possible for the large, or the indecisive, to catch up to him. Unaware of any danger he might run into. “WE'RE EATING SALAD TONIGHT!” Being the last thing he shouted out, using the kind of tone of voice he used when bullying Saburo earlier as if to tease the small giant once more. Only then muttering to himself that “It's way too hard being a prick with that muscle head of a Sensei around. Pff.” He slapped himself in the face and laughed in a way of enjoying it too much. “What's with that guy's speed anyway? Even that Inuzuka brat would look slow compared to that.”
• 4/1/2018
Saburō was noticeably worried when Taigen announced the prize for this "race". Because it was supposed to be a race, but also team-building and the winner would be the one deciding where to eat. Does that mean they were supposed to be racing against Taigen? It seemed almost hopeless as the Thunderstorm left in the blink of an eye and without talking at all Ace and Isamu both had already turned their backs and were heading out

"W-wait we should talk about it first!"

But Ace was arleady announcing that they would be eating salad tonight. Saburō wasn't fast at all, and already knew that regardless of the race's interpretation he wouldn't be making it first in his shape. On top of that as well, most of his teammates were already ignoring him. A notched vein quickly developed on Saburō's forehead as he watched Ace and Isamu walk ahead.

The stress from earlier had already built things up, and now people were just adding onto it. Saburō gripped his kanabō as tightly as humanly possible, his hands turning white from the amount of force he was putting into his grip. If Isamu still had not responded and Ace still ran off, then it was time for Saburō to enter the race.

With an ire in his heart, Saburō began to quickly pace ahead moving straight towards Isamu. With shaky hands, he clamped down onto his kanabō with both hands and move up right behind Isamu without slowing down. Like any normal person, she'd probably just be expecting Saburō to just pass her. In all actuality, lil' homie Saburō was trying to make the home run on Isamu's head and had already cocked his arm back as far as possible on his left side before letting loose and pushing foward all of his energy and momentum to the back of Isamu's dome.

If she was still turned around and had done nothing to stop Saburō, the metal-studded Kanabō would crack nicely against her skull sending her slamming straight into the ground with a one-hit K.O with a big egg-shaped bruise to signify the exact place Saburō hit her. Once that was done, Saburō would grab her limp body by the scruff of her collar and drag her to the side of the road before properly flipping around. Even though his face was screwed up like a knot, he was delicately trying to handle her and make sure she was doing fine before immediately getting up and walking away at the same rushed pace as before.

Ace was next!
• 4/1/2018
Wondering when he would come in contact with the first of the three assumed stooges, but seeing as they just started it would be a few minutes or so before any would appear. "This may have given Saburo the drive to push himself to win, Ace being the kind of doucher he seemed to be he could also win off of pure malice to make the other two suffer, and Isamu... Not much of a read on that one she seems very reserved and quiet but we shall see." he would murmur amongst himself as he sit above on the branch of a tall oak.

"You know what..? They will give each other all the challenge they will need it seems based on their actions towards each other just a few moments ago." Taigen would think to himself as his plans changed. Taigen would the n begin to jump branch by branch ahead to the abandoned cabin that sit in a clearing just a tad but over a mile from where they were now. "Now to think of a new task... Hmm..." he would say as he leaned up against the rough wooden door to said cabin as he tapped the index finger of his left hand on his chin repeatedly.

"Eureka." He would say in a bit of a shout as he would remain where he was leaned up against the cabin as he pulled another cigarette from his pocket and lit it taking a long draw and muttering the following "Hopefully they remembered the fine print and realize they have to make it first, heh." he would say as he put the cigarette back between his lips. Taigen would then jump up grasping the decaying wooden roof structure hearing it start to splinter as he pulled himself up quickly sitting and waiting for the lucky student who would be first to arrive.

"I hope they are ready to fight lightning itself" Taigen muttered as he continued to keep taking drags off of his cigarette slowly blowing the smoke after each drag "Good luck young guns." he would say before going silent as he waited for his squad to show up.

Would his squad be fighting the Thunderstorm himself? What could he possibly have in store for them as they make their way "Innocently" towards this cabin? Find out next post round!

(Try to make it there as quickly as possible so we can start to end this thread and get ready for the main story to begin.)
• 4/3/2018
Looking not, she was bothered not by the hasty advancement of what could’ve been Ace or Saburō—Why would she? As the familiar force held to Saburō spoke up, Isamu heard this and went to halt in her steps and upon this moment, a pressure had been applied to the top of her head..? It wasn’t some pressure, it was a whole body’s worth! Forcing her head downward by a good two inches, the recoil from their jump caused her head to dip down another five inches and as such, she was forced to collect her balance and believe it or not, if she didn’t take that extra gym time, she would’ve planted face first into the nice dirt. Moving to a crouch of the sorts with both hands into the ground to make sure she didn’t go down face first, she saved her body from being dropped to the ground. Within her own pure thoughts, there was a modest level of pain to her heart being formed and as such, she simply smiled with a faintness as she looked to the sky, the treeline. Holding no ill feelings, even with Ace taunting her, at least, it didn’t seem be revealed on her face that she held such feelings of illness. But, you best believe, without a doubt, the debt will be collected. At least, if Ace still choose to use her head as a stepping stone.

Shifting to a stance, her head held itself downward, her faint smile turned into a soft frown and she couldn’t understand why…? Clapping her hands together, she tried to knock the dirt off as she tried to speak up to Saburō as soon as she recovered from the events that just happened. She just needed a second and she finally spoke, not even knowing how upset he was. “I’m sorry, Saburō. I didn’t even consider…” She tried say with with chirp, despite how she was feeling about Ace’ behavior… How was a person like that supposed to be a good teammate..? Possibly, there will be something to change..? However, her words seemed a bit pale and she paused, changing a bit in words.

As these words left her mouth, she turned around with the clap of her hands into that of a prayer of the sort as she addressed Saburō with a smile. “Would you like to walk with me? We can try to win together.” She tried so hard to change in tune, her voice seemed a bit cheerful and her smile seemed as natural as a normal one, her hues happened to be close, so she wouldn’t have notice how upset Saburō was—She seemed to almost be praying that he wouldn’t snap at her like he did at Ace earlier. She really wanted this team thing to work.

“We can talk and walk too!” She added. It was at this point, that maybe, Isamu just didn’t know how to address her new teammates, one was an asshole and the other one… Had quite the temper. She simply… Seemed to have a soft temper with a gentleness and quite wry, if not scared of her own teammates.

If Saburō had agreed, she would’ve waited to for him to meet up with her and would’ve walked with him, willing to have conversation and possibly a plan on beating Ace—If it didn’t work, she was about to get hit. That was fine too!
• 4/5/2018
Saburō was just about to go full aggro whenever Isamu quickly turned around and acknowledged the temperamental Akimichi. His temper was still clearly there, but his sights weren't set on Isamu any longer. Just as he tore his gaze from Isamu, it focused on what was ahead. Saburō had his eyes set on only one person, and nothing in this forest would stop him until he could leave an egg-sized bruise on Ace's head.

With an unreasoning ire and enough walk to break Hibiki's knees, Saburō went charging ahead with Isamu by side and Saburō's kanabō to his shoulder.

Even with the new change in circumstance, and even if Ace found himself at another short end by their sensei's hand, Saburō would still be trying to find his way to deal with the Hyūga runt. Something is his head just couldn't be quenched, not until things were set right back in his eyes.
• 4/6/2018
As he sat upon this decrepit cabin more and more time passed and this made him skeptical of where his team could be, it was only a mile trek no way it should be taking him this long. As these thoughts pondered in his head he could here the sound of thunder begin to crack across the skies as if Zeus was cracking his knuckles "This seems to be a rather big storm rolling in, I'd better go find these buffoons." he would say aloud as he jumped down from the roof and took a steady jog back towards where he left them to come on this task.

A few moments later he heard another crack, but it wasn't thunder rather the sight of Saburo cracking Isamu over the head with his studded weapon. She seemed to take it like a champ and got up at a decent pace, this action kinda shocked Taigen and he froze for a second trying to process that his students were already attacking each other rather savagely. Once Isamu got up and began talking Saburo's eyes would aggressively look his way, Taigen would lock his eye's on the young powerhouse of a boy as well lightning flickering within them.

Taigen would approach them with an aggressive demeanor mainly looking at Saburo sizing him up. He would come face to face with Saburo as he looked down with a bit of a scowl on his face and draw his arm back fist balled and swing forward. Just as it seemed he was about to strike him he pulled back and extended his hand to a handshake "Calm yourself, that is Hibiki's daughter you just struck that comes with consequences so prepare for his wrath." he would explain to Saburo as he kneeled down to their height and waved Isamu to come in as well.

"Too bad you didn't catch Ace with that crack haha! Are you alright Isamu?" He would say and ask just make sure she didn't need hospital attention as he looked her over and it seemed it was just a little bump, nothing major. "Try to keep this under wraps as I believe Saburo's feelings got the best of him right Saburo? he would say as he nudged Saburo and got his agreeance.

"With that being said I think you guys have had a rather long day and deserve a more calm environment to get to know each other so let's go get some food before this storm rolls in and we can wait it out there while we get to talking eh?" He would tell them. "I believe Ace has taken his leave before I could get to him but I'm sure he has better things to do and I will summon him later, so let's go get some ramen!" he would say to the pair as he got one of them on each on one of his sides as he put his arms around both of them and began to walk to his favorite ramen shop in the village to each and get better acquainted, ending their day on a good note.

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