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• 3/24/2018

The Rise of a New Generation!

For many, this had been coming for some time. Today was one of anticipation, whole families spread throughout the streets. People talked out of excitement, eyes lit up like glowing coals in discussion of the new generation. From every corner of the village, proud mothers and fathers gathered towards the center where the gargantuan Konoha Tree was. Under its shade was an assembly of people before the entrance of the tree, where a pedestal had been set.

There was a small collection of chairs gathered, and sat at it were the graduating classes of today. Most of the children gathered had been told to sit and stay here. It had been like this for 20 minutes of just waiting, the apprehension and restlessness of the Graduation selfishly allowed to grow.

Every single one of you had been training your whole lives for this, ever since the age of 5 the Academy has been your life. Years spent around your fellow classmates, learning, fighting, and dreaming of this very day. After today, you would all be true ninja.

Turning around, any one of you could see the crowd beginning to gather behind you all. Perhaps there were familiar faces in there too? A caring mother or even pompous father waiting to see their child under the Konoha Tree.

For those who didn't, chances were there was already someone presenting the Ceremony waiting for you. Before everything began, the crowd grew noticeably quiet as certain families reluctantly joined. Misty-eyed parents who struggled to keep their eyes focused on the crowd. Looking for something that simply wasn't there.

Finally, people began to emerge from the entrance of the Konoha Tree. There was Lord Jobin, the current Kage. For this special day, he was wearing the traditional robes that signified his status as one of the legendary Five Kage. Behind him was Lord Hibiki, the former 2nd. The two seemed displeased about something as they approached the stands, and those with a quick eye could've seen the two finishing an argument just as they entered the light.

Last were a following of prolific Jōnin in the village, The First Mage of the Blue Order, the Thunderstorm of the Leaf, and even Genzo of the White Leaf. Distinguished heroes known for their services for Konoha and the people they've saved. There were others too that seemed to be discussing something important by the shocked look on their brows. It also seemed as though the class's teacher was missing as well, as to his whereabouts no one seemed to know or care much about it.

Jobin finally took the stand while Hibiki placed a large, scroll on a table near the podium. It had a golden seal on it that Hibiki broke, slowly rolling it out before a puff of smoke appeared revealing an array of village headbands meant for the genin.

Jobin tried speaking, but immediately had a coughing fit that lasted a few seconds before continuing.

"Today, we have gathered under the Konoha Tree to celebrate a coming of age! These children before me have spent years under the tutelage of our finest shinobi, paving their ways to a brighter future. Now, you are all about to become true shinobi. You will face many dangers in life, and the path is unknown. The actions and decisions you make after this day will one day change the world."

Jobin stopped for a second, his sharp eyes reading over the crowd of students gathered before him.

"In time, some of you will grow up to become the strongest shinobi in our village," Jobin's eyes briefly fixed on Akushin before moving on, "I hope by then the Will of Fire still burns strongly within your hearts. That you look back upon these days and the new generations you help guide to a better tomorrow, and remember the people you love and are willing to protect."

Jobin smiled briefly, looking over his shoulder to briefly exchange a look with Hibiki before turning back.

"Now, we will be calling everybody up one at a time in no particular order."

"Akushin Uzumaki!"

Jobin spoke that name with content and happiness, his eyes drawing back to his pupil. Hibiki picked one of the headbands and folded the extra cloth under the protector waiting for Aku to approach. Once he did, Hibiki handed the headband over to Jobin who kneeled down a little and helped Aku put on his headband. After finishing up, he tried giving a hug to Aku before standing back up.

"I'm proud of you. You can stay up here if you want."

Jobin quietly told Aku, knowing that he probably had nowhere else to go.
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• 3/24/2018
Thankfully, Mitsuko was much more appreciative of the graduation unlike Ace. Hibiki bowed as well when handing Mitsuko her headband, reciprocating the gratitude before she moved on to her parents. With things back in order, Jobin waited until Mitsuko had left from the stand to announce the next person.

"Yaban'na Inuzuka."

Hibiki raised a brow at the name and stroked at his face with a headband in hand. He seemed to be mumbling something as Yaban approached.

"Yaba ... nana. Hmmm ..."

Perhaps he had misheard the name, or just poking fun at it? Well, not like Yaban would be one to tell the only man to shut up. It'd probably be more embarrassing than anything else.
• 3/24/2018
For a moment, the wise words seemed to have some impact but it didn't take long for Ace to cock his head to the side in a defiant manner as he continued speaking monotone; almost as if telling them that he won't be silenced. Well. He was wrong. A swift blur saw him to a new location.

Ace frowned up at the bearded man as he stood against a wall with his arms crossed laughing louder than he possibly should before sticking his tongue out and spreading his eyes open wide. Before slapping himself and laughing again, some tears running down his cheeks before a disturbed, apologetic look flashed over his face. “So, you're my babysitter huh?” Ace's voice was filled with over the top pity for the man as if the Jounin's honor had been put in question by having to do such a job. “Is it because you can't shave, hmm? Your face bores me.” Ace suddenly looked overly serious. “Turn around.” And just continued to be bored and walk around looking for something to break.
• 3/24/2018
Everyone had gathered amongst the ceremony, Yaban was on of the students who was sitting patiently for his time to become a proud Genin. His soul companion remained on his head as he was awake and was a bit annoyed from all the noise around them. But sadly Kotashi would have to deal with it as there wasn’t much he could do. Yaban was seated with all the students as everyone was relatively close, the Hokage himself, Lord 3rd being the one to call people up. Apart from him, there was the 2nd former Hokage and 3 Legendary Jounins who already made names for themselves. One by one students were being called up, the first being Akushi, a boy who leaped upwards and did many acrobatics to look fancy. Yaban found this epic as he gave him props for such a performance.

With his speech ending Lord 3rd pretty much tied the headband on his head, gave him a pat over the head, and directed him off to the podium. The next person called up was his friend Isamu, he smirked as he expected no less, she arrived and gave her little speech as the same thing happened right after. Next was Ace, that dick head who punched Yaban in the face and choked his dog few weeks back. ‘Tch’ could be heard from the edge of his teeth as he turned his head to the side and attempted to ignore the entire thing. Yaban knew exactly what he was going to do when he got to the stage, but he had to give it to Aku as he gave him the idea of what he wanted to say. Yaban really enjoyed the view and the scenery for the Celebration, Konoha’s tree was truly magnificent. Then it was the Yamanaka, this continuing only made Yaban more anxious to get up there and get this over with.

Then finally his moment to shine came! The moment his name was called, Yaban leaped from his chair with swiftness and dashed towards the stage. The moment he arrived he looked to Jobin as he bowed in respect to both Hibiki and Jobin. Right after he waited for Jobin to give him the headband and when he did he would turn to the crowd and yelled out proudly “I YABAN WILL BE MAKING MY DEBUT IN THE FUTURE AS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE! SO JUST YOU ALL WAIT ON IT!” right after a long Howl followed as Kotashi followed after as well. Not to mention, when he did so his family had followed to do the same thing. Once that was completed he would more than likely follow the same path as everyone who graduated and went to stand for everyone else to finish getting their headbands. He was truly proud of himself as he truly was glad to be here on this day.
• 3/24/2018
Hibiki was the one who was handing out headbands, but regardless Yaban would still get his headband certifying that he was no longer just a student but a ninja too. Hibiki briefly stopped dawdling on his thought when Yaban started to yell, it seemed there were more than just a couple of people with confidence this year. Perhaps this year's crop of genin would prove to be the next generation of legendary ninja? Only time would tell.

"Next," Jobin continued, "is Chie Haruno."
• 3/24/2018
People. Oh so many people. The little Haruno sat quietly in her chair and glanced around, staring over at the teary parents who could not control themselves. Tears and cheers of pride had her feeling a little uncomfortable. Especially considering how she ended up noticing her father standing further back in the crowd. A stare which pierced right through her. His expression said absolutely nothing in comparison with the rest of the parents. The day before the graduation, her father had instructed her with what she had to do. Just attend the ceremony, step forward once her name was called and stand still near the podium with the rest. No speaking, no trying to catch anyone's attention. No nothing. She looked up from time to time, watching as each and every student stepped on up to receive their headband. Some of the students stood out for sure. All of them had put enough effort to deserve the title of a Genin. Some really, stood out. But Chie had to follow her father’s instruction and stayed as lowkey as possible by not reacting strongly to any of them.

Once her name was called, she slowly stood up from her chair and made her way over. The pink ponytail swayed from side to side, all while her yellow eyes were plasted straight ahead of her. ‘’Just take the headband and step aside. Easy as that.’’ She repeated to herself while she stared up at the third and the second- former Hokage with a blank expression. As she got closer, she stopped before them and nodded at them as a sign of respect. ‘’Thank you.’’ She whispered, bowed and held out to receive the headband from Hibiki. Afterwards she stepped on over to the podium with the others Genins. Again, her expression was as blank as a empty paper. No ink, just a plain, white, sheet.
• 3/25/2018
Hibiki noticed the girl stepping forward, she seemed to just be mumbling to herself as she walked straight to the podium. It was almost strange to see someone do something a little bit more normal to Hibiki after the circus ran through. He quickly handed Chie her headband while bowing his head before letting her go on her way. Jobin however, had a bit of a more intense stare at her before quickly looking out into the crowd and spotting out Chie's father. If for that brief moment they made eye contact, Jobin wouldn't say a word or even commit to a gesture. Only noticing the father before looking back to the rest of the crowd.

"Next is Prince Lee."
• 3/25/2018
Sitting in his seat glancing around at his fellow peers as Jobin began his speech, almost blocking out all noise around himself, Prince would be in sort of a surreal moment in time... A frozen state of sorts as many thoughts began to run through his head. "We really made it! We are now Genin!" he said very jubulant in his head as he watched on as Jobin announced name after name handing each new academy graduate their Leaf headband.

He would hear the girl seated next him get called up next, one he never really got to know at the academy but well enough to know who she was by seeing her. He would watch as the pink haired Haruno walked up to the podium and receive her headband from the Hokage. "Well looks like I'm next." he would say under his breathe as he leaned back in his chair comfortably and closed his eyes as he awaited his name to be called.

"Next is Prince Lee" he would hear a few moments as he kicked up off his heels popping himself up as he made his way to the podium looking out at the crowd. He would see his father stand and raise his fist up yelling "THAT'S MY BOY, WOOOO!" the sight of this put a rather big grin on Prince's face as he extended his fist out to his side as if he was giving his father a fist bump through the air.

Prince would then turn his attention forward as he approached the podium seeing Hibiki hand Jobin his headband and extend it out to Prince. Prince would tilt his head slightly back and to the side and raise his right hand up to his face and rub his thumb across the tip of his nose before grasping the headband and the Hokage's hand firmly to shake it at the same time showing respect as he looked him directly in the eyes. "Remember my name and my face old timer, it'll be famous soon." he would say as he grinned mightily as he released the grip taking the headband in the process.

Prince would then tie the headband to his left arm and walk towards his fellow graduates smiling as he took his place in line.
• 3/25/2018
The seats had begun to thin out, almost everyone had graduated at this point. Prince took one of the last headbands, triumphant to his graduation. Unlike the rest, Prince was a special kind of shinobi who had been able to pass the Genin Exams with just his taijutsu skills alone. Although Hibiki didn't notice this, he still admired the kid's resolve for announcing himself so clearly to a Kage.

"Perhaps I will. Keep your head high, nymph."

After the brief exchange, Hibiki bowed back to Prince and watched him leave the stage. Two people were left sitting still, among which was none other than Saburō Akimichi. During the brief silence, he could be seen with his hands wandering about fiddling with the tight little track jacket he was wearing.

"Saburō Akimichi."

The name had been called, and with that Saburō stood up with an expressive grin. For a short moment he turned around to look over where the rest of his clan stood, there was something noticeable about them that set them aside from the rest when they were all gathered up. Probably just the facial markings they all seemed to have.

Saburō waved toward them, before quickly bringing himself up to the podium. Hibiki had still been observing the graduates when Saburō walked up, so when he noticed the young genin he suddenly turned back accidentally slapping Saburō on the chest. Saburō stopped, shocked for a brief second looking down at his chest before beginning to laugh. Hibiki laughed too.

Saburō quickly stopped, and with a smile on his face picked at the place where he had been slapped.

"Lord Hibiki, you were my role model. I thought you had a lot of manners. It's just ..."

To this, Hibiki rose his eyebrow and confusingly spouted, "What?"

Saburō's face turned beet-red as he grabbed onto Hibiki's side and started yanking and pulling on the kage while screaming.


Hibiki grabbed onto the boy's nose and pinched it, tugging on it while reprimanding the child.

"Ushi! Saburō, you're embarrassing yourself in front of a whole village. You need more self-control or else you'll look like a big ol' pig. Now run along!"

With one last yank, Hibiki let go of Saburō's nose. The young Akimichi covered his nose while holding his headband.

"Sorry, my deepest apologies Lord Third."

With a final squeal Saburō quickly brought himself off the stage. Jobin looked directly to the final graduate and called out her name.

"Tak Sagara."
• 3/25/2018
Why the hell did Tak agree to this? She didn't know. Seven unlucky years ago, it seemed like a good idea but with each passing day, she wanted to choke something, kill it, or dismember it for her decision. She could have stayed at home and played vegetable until reaching this point, her sister would have complained about the smell, and Mother would have likely thought she went mad and sent her...somewhere. But where would that lead? More annoying unknowns and less control to that shituation...goddamnit.

Only one good thing had come from this seven-year sentence. Tak couldn't wrap her head around why everyone in her family had reduced themselves to such useless swine when before they had so much better. She wasn't even sure why she herself wanted to pursue the erstwhile craft of her family, it wasn't about restoring glory to the house of Sagara. To hell with them all. Whatever it was, Tak knew she wanted to keep doing it. And that had only been made possible because her stupid uncle saw her trying to take apart her new ninja toys.

Then again, that same stupid uncle would be the one to show and tell her about how this useless family used to be useful. From there, he introduced her to a not-so-stupid uncle and Tak started to learn things. She liked it, and wanted to learn more, but that required time, resources, and money. But mostly money and she wanted to have her own without anyone'se help. So here she was...

Back to graduation. Tak was standing off to a margin, obscured by X amount of people's shadows by what that of the trees did not. She could see her father rubbing elbows with some of the other men, and her older brother tight by his side doing the same as they worked their way to the big dogs. More of the Sagaras were there, but she couldn't see them. Not like she gave a damn anyway. Once Lord Kujo began calling names, Tak only inclined her chin slightly right, following the students up and across the dais with just her eyes. They were all just food.

When her name was called, she bit down hard on her tongue and moved through the empty space now. Quickly marching her way up to the podium to accept her headband, Tak's expression was tight as usual and through gritted teeth, she bowed her head.
"...Thank you."

Walking to join the other students, she stood abreast them and stared straight ahead.
• 3/25/2018
Hibiki handed out his headband as normally, but didn't seem to visually react to Tak's serious demeanor. Once she passed by, it seemed as though all of the genin had graduated. A cheer from the crowd came, families upon families congratulating their children with a raucous roar. Sometime during the proceedings, the grieving families of before had left. While all the genin gathered together, specifically Isamu could hear something as the other jonin talked over each other.

"How did he disappear?"

"Apparently a rebel attack happened in the village he was at."

"There's no way that's the reason, his medical skills could save a thousand lives. The things he did in the war too ...?"

"There's nothing set in stone, no one has found Jikōgi's body yet. Nothing else would make sense though. He's probably was just trying to help save someone's life when the attack happened."

Their voices were hushed as Hibiki turned to them and raised a hand in gesture to keep quiet. The 2nd knew that any of the graduates could be listening, and this was a sensitive matter.

"Before everyone heads off with their parents, I will also be announcing the teams that these graduates will be placed on. Which goes as follows:

Ace Hyūga,
Saburō Akimichi,
and Isamu Uchiha.

All three of you will be reporting to Taigen Shimura's team. You will be meeting tomorrow half past noon at the rooftop of the Kage's Office," Jobin briefly looked over to Taigen with a glare of contempt before turning back.

"Akushin Uzumaki,
Chie Haruno,
and Mitsuko Yamanaka.

You three will be reporting to Genzo Hatake's team. You will be meeting tomorrow half past noon at the Third Training Ground.

Prince Lee,
Tak Sagara,
and Yaban'na Inuzuka.

All of you will be reporting to... to Azure G'hal Zutoshi. You will be meeting tomorrow half past noon at Azure's residence. I assume your jōnin will guide you there from the village's gate."

Jobin walked away from the podium and yelled, "This is the end of the graduation. You may all go celebrate now."

*Optional: You may post out from this. This is the end of the session. Everyone may now begin rping as genin and begin their team meetings. Enjoy!
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